Meet an anonymous Vet in the Fight

In October 2014, Special Operations Speaks held a rally at the WW II monument in DC to reopen the veterans’ memorials that were closed by Obama. More than 10,000 supporters showed up for the event, including Ted Cruz, Steve Scalise, Sarah Palin and a score of other prominent individuals. The group removed the barriers (called “Barry-cades”) and placed them in front of the White House.

This image portrays one of the thousands of supporters that day. Still being treated at the time at Walter Reed, this young Army staff sergeant—and wounded warrior— is hauling one of the barriers to the White House. This young hero exemplifies the Vet in the Fight© spirit.

Meet Kirstie Ennis

Kirstie Ennis joined the Marines at age 17 to “protect those who can’t protect themselves.” While serving as a helicopter gunner and mechanic in Afghanistan, she was seriously injured when her helicopter went down during a mission. Ennis suffered injuries to her brain, spine, neck, shoulder, face and left leg. After dozens of surgeries, her leg was amputated. At that time, her sense of self-worth was at a devastating low.

But Ennis is now an accomplished climber and mountaineer, focused on conquering physical challenges that are well beyond most of us, including climbing the “Seven Summits”—the highest peak on each of the continents. And, recently, she was chosen as a model for the 2018 Pin-Ups for Vets calendar, a fundraiser for vet hospitals. Ennis is the first-ever amputee to be featured in the calendar.

See Kirstie’s story.

Meet Courtland Sykes

Special Operations Speaks is pleased to endorse Navy veteran Courtland Sykes in the race for the U.S. Senate. Sykes, an America First candidate, is putting liberals on notice and taking on the Swamp by challenging Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

Sykes joined the navy after the September 11, 2001 attacks, serving on four deployments to the Middle East over the next decade. Every Navy sailor knows teamwork is the key to success. For every SEAL Courtland worked with, he learned that teamwork was ground into every fiber of the Special Operator’s being at the atomic level. Courtland wants to take those lessons with him to the Senate. As a leader, Courtland will target and weed out special interest and self-serving politicians, and reconstruct a high functioning Senate to better serve the people.

Learn more about Sykes’s campaign.

Meet Cris Dosev

Major Cris Dosev is a Marine running for Congress in Florida’s First Congressional District, and Special Operations Speaks is proud to endorse his candidacy, as we did during his 2016 race.

“I accept this endorsement with 100 percent gratitude to all of the special operators who have served the lonely night watch in defense of freedom, liberty and America’s leadership in a very dangerous world,” Cris Dosev said after initially being endorsed by SOS in 2016. “Special operators know the threats we face more than any of us can imagine. We ask them to do the impossible so we can enjoy the Founders’ vision of American life. They never let us down. For this organization to select me is all the more important for that…I will carry this endorsement with very special pride,” Dosev said.

The 2018 race for the First Congressional district has five candidates so far—two Democrats and three Republicans, which includes Dosev. In the last election cycle, the incumbent Matt Gaetz blew out his Democrat opponent by nearly forty percentage points.

Learn more about Dosev’s campaign.