Hurricane Florence Prep Takes on New Urgency

Early this morning (Tuesday) Hurricane Florence began re-organizing into what verges on a Category V hurricane, still pointed at the North and South Carolina coasts, with landfall likely early Thursday.  Today’s Special Operations Speaks social media coverage will… Read More

Hurricane Florence:  Carolinas and Virginia Vets in the Fight (VIF)

Hurricane Florence:  Carolinas and Virginia Vets in the Fight (VIF) Bulletin:   The governors of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia have declared states of emergency in advance of Hurricane Florence landing somewhere along their coasts sometime on Thursday,… Read More

Déja Veux: Getting Ready for Florence in the Carolinas

Some Storm History … Back in 1996, North Carolina experienced a devastating one-two punch at just this time of year. First Hurricane Edouard, a Cat I storm, hit us late in August.  Winds were tolerable but, Ed dropped a… Read More

Trump Appoints Conservative Scholar at State to Carry Out ‘America First’ Agend

Jay Ell is one of our supporters, along with her Jack Russell, Murphy, below.  She often sends us some good commentary.  We publish her latest below. “To effectively implement President Trump’s America First vision means thinking through the President’s… Read More

Wild Bill for America: A long-timefriend of SOS and a Vet in the Fight

  Wild Bill on White Privilege. Do you have privilege?