A Time For Choosing

As we are fed today’s 24/7 news, most of us don’t realize that the media are intentionally serving us mind-numbing messaging meant to generate a purposeful outcome: to create angry puppets incited to regurgitate every morsel. Fiction becomes… Read More

They Shoot Admirals, Don’t They? … leader accountability, aye!

From the U.S. Naval Institute Blog Actually, the last admiral shot (in a democratic nation) was the unfortunate Admiral John Byng of the British Royal Navy, executed by a firing squad on 14 March 1757. Admiral Byng’s crime… Read More

Bulletin !!! Breakthrough in Post-Traumatic Stress Treatment

Special Operations Speaks  (SOS) is an activist veteran organization. Many of you know of our efforts to encourage veteran voting, veterans serving in public office, and veterans holding government accountable.  We are also trying to affect improvements, both large… Read More