Reps Jim Baird, Brian Mast & Dan Crenshaw

Vets bring needed credibility to D.C.

These Vets in the Fight bring needed duty, honor, country and competence to fill the patriotic vacuum in Washington D.C. ” And I’ll say this … 3 Purple Heart Veterans were sworn into Congress yesterday with less publicity… Read More

Definition of Combat a Source of Contention in NH Campaigns

SOS Note:  We just ran across this very thoughtful treatment of politicians claiming ‘combat’ engagement by Jude Eden, USMC, a charter member of Vets in the Fight®.  This brief respite between elections is a good time to think… Read More

Abandoning Our Betrayed Allies, the Montagnards Will America Once Again Abandon Its Christian Montagnard Allies? By Michael Benge The Montagnard tribes in the Central Highlands were among our most loyal allies in the fight against the communists during the Vietnam War.  They fought alongside… Read More

The Kavanaugh Allegations Are Psychological Terrorism, And It’s Time They End

Note:  Written by Mr. Jim Simpson, his article pulls together a more vivid picture of the Leftist – Neo-Marxist Congressional strategy under guise of the Democrat Party, and the GOPe that tolerates it.  Pure Alinsky, it is worth… Read More

A Time For Choosing

As we are fed today’s 24/7 news, most of us don’t realize that the media are intentionally serving us mind-numbing messaging meant to generate a purposeful outcome: to create angry puppets incited to regurgitate every morsel. Fiction becomes… Read More