Should the US Ban Semiautomatic Rifles such as the AR-15 from Citizens?

Why is it hard to implement stricter U.S. gun control laws?

Read Brian Mead's answer to Why is it hard to implement stricter U.S. gun control laws? on Quora “As a gun owner, there are a few fundamental oppositions I have to gun control: Your “just one more common… Read More

Definition of Combat a Source of Contention in NH Campaigns

SOS Note:  We just ran across this very thoughtful treatment of politicians claiming ‘combat’ engagement by Jude Eden, USMC, a charter member of Vets in the Fight®.  This brief respite between elections is a good time to think… Read More

The Muslim Brotherhood In American Schools

In one edition of the world history book published by Prentice Hall – Pearson Christianity and Judaism were being consistently characterized in a negative light. Christianity was portrayed with ‘cult-like’ and violent descriptions and the passages on Judaism… Read More

Heads up in Houston!

Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw routes opposition in US Congressional District 2 Run-off. Dan Crenshaw, retired Navy SEAL in Houston, won his run-off campaign on 22 May by a margin of 70 -30. He runs on the slogan, “… Read More

The Muslim Brotherhood – History and Front Groups

The Resistance to the Trump presidency in 2017 was almost deafening. Lost in the shuffle of Social Justice Warrior movements and general chaos is a group with a goal of global dominance and that has infiltrated many levels… Read More