Vets in the Fight® Make a Difference

Epitome of The Vets in the Fight® Spirit.
Epitome of The Vets in the Fight® Spirit.

Veteran Patriots Action Conference (VPAC): Vets making a difference.
One of the unresolved issues surrounding school / campus security involves private and parochial schools. Where some states are providing a security policy, to include select teachers and staff carrying concealed, and resourcing, none of them provide for private or parochial schools.

The Veteran Patriots Action Conference (VPAC) is working on legislative language to address this shortfall. We’ll keep you posted on how this is going, as appropriate. We hope that our effort may offer a template on how YOU can make a difference where you live, raise your family and work.

This is one more example of Vets in the Fight® making a difference at home town, county and state level.

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