The Church Burns, the West Fiddles

by Ray DiLorenzo, Stand Up America Foundation

What the West owes Christianity is incalculable. Our values, culture, beliefs, and civilization were shaped by the Church and the Bible. Scientists, philosophers, explorers, and freedom fighters were all inspired by the Church.

Most importantly, the invention of the individual owes its existence to Christianity. What we see now is a denial, an antagonism, even hatred toward what has been the bulwark of our society and country.

Prior to Christianity, monotheistic religion, primarily Judaism, was a birthright, an ethnicity. Judaism was community based, a sort of collectivist social organization with atonement of the community earned by the killing of animals. With Jesus Christ, belief became a personal choice with no earthly condemnation for choosing otherwise. 

Our Constitution is based on these principles, the rights of the individual. It was to establish the individual’s right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. The Bill of Rights is not a document describing what the government can do, but a covenant detailing what the government cannot do. It was to establish limited government, a radical departure for the time. I am amazed today that so many people protest their rights. They are that ignorant.

The colonists and framers that fought for our freedom from Great Britain knew from their own experience that independence and the right to make one’s own way in the world by one’s own effort, was a life free of limits. Anyone could achieve any station in life, dependent only on their individual effort, talent or ambition. Because our society was based on Biblical principles, it made no difference what one’s personal views were. All were welcome.

This individualism has led to the most spectacular discoveries in science and medicine, thinking outside the box. Socialist countries have depended on our achievements for their own benefit, much of which they had to steal because their system, by definition, cannot produce such advances. No great inventions or scientific thought has come from Muslim countries for hundreds of years.

The Muslim world spends about 0.2% of its GDP on research and development while the West spends about 5%. Only 8 Nobel Laureates have been produced by the Islamic world in the past 105 years. In the same time period, the West produced about 900 with the United States leading with 368.

Our Electoral College system is based on the individual, with no one state or group of states deciding the fate of the entire country. Without the Electoral College, a group of twelve or thirteen states could decide the outcome of every election leaving the balance with no voice. This is no longer taught, hence the teaching of the ‘fundamental fairness’ of pure democracy or majority rule, or the deciding by two wolves and a lamb as to what to have for dinner…mob rule.

Unfortunately, the last several generations in our country and much of the West have seen an abandonment of the Church and its ideals. Our young people have been indoctrinated by schools, media, and nefarious politicians in a reawakening of the Marxist secular theology, giving the group priority over the individual. Individualism has been called selfish and looked at with suspicion. We no longer teach that the developing of oneself in a moral condition is the key to success in this life. It is no wonder so many people today look to the handout, the freebie, the government as parent with all-authority, while being morally bankrupt, thinking they can do anything they want.

The current attack on Christianity, the burning of churches, the killing of Christians at worship, and the bombings, brings too little media attention. In 2013, Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, ordered that no priests are to “contribute to the morale” and “well-being” of military personnel. Thus, the offering of the sacrament of Communion was prohibited. No mention was made of limiting the religious freedom of Muslim service members or the furloughing of Imams. In June of 2010, two Christian missionaries in Dearborn, Michigan were arrested for discussing Christianity on a public sidewalk outsidean Arab festival. They were acquitted, but they were charged with disturbing the peace and spent the night in jail. The ACLU has fought long and hard against Christian prayer in public schools, but has fought equally hard for the right of Muslims to pray in school.

Few people realized that many French churches had been desecrated prior to the fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame…1300 in 2018 alone. Islamic and Liberal forces have decided since Christianity is on the downswing, to just hasten its death. Other attacks have been widespread all over Europe with the spreading to the United States. The authorities in France were quick to announce that the Notre Dame fire was not caused by terrorism, WHILE IT WAS STILL BURNING! Bizarre and cowardly at the least.

It is being reported that France’s President Macron believes Notre Dame should be rebuilt in line with diversity. An architect has suggested an Islamic minaret be added. This is the insanity that has poisoned Europe. They actually think this will make Muslims happy and content. Europeans seem unaware that the Muslims in Europe do not represent immigration, but invasion.

Apparently, much of the West has decided to abandon Christianity. To be sure, it is a decision to commit suicide. 

The uncontrolled immigration in Europe of Muslims brings no respect for other religions or individual choice. The accompanying spread of collectivism, that looks upon Christianity as cultural and theological competition, will rejoice at the downfall of Christianity in the West. 
This will leave just the two forces to decide who rules the world.

One Comment on “The Church Burns, the West Fiddles

  1. The media is very complicit in the dumbing down of the free world.
    Christians themselves are many times to tolerant of other religions and ideologies.
    LORD save us.

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