Law & Order: The Road to Anarchy

by Ray DiLorenzo

Being sick at heart is a terrible thing to be when it is every day, day after day. I am sick at heart watching my country descend into a sort of hellish, and mindless agitation and turmoil. I’m asked to watch and comment on the millions of fellow Americans buying into this mindset of endless tribal wars instigated by those no better than vipers whispering into their ears that America is no longer worthy of their allegiance.

Anarchists Destroy ALL they touch

It’s a difficult thing to try to make sense out of the senseless. Thousands of Americans, including many police officers, have been murdered by criminal illegal immigrants. We have assaults, rapes, and robberies by people who shouldn’t be here in the first place. There are diseases now being spread that the medical profession hasn’t seen in generations, and yet much of the government, those with the task of protecting the citizenry, do little or nothing because their political interests come first. And they remain unrepentant.

A former president and his presidential candidate spouse have once again flanked the law and found allies to shield their activities. We have celebrities who play games with the law because they have no fear of prosecution and have money to spread around. The Smollett case proves that justice in Chicago is only for the nonexempt. Smollett was even willing to identify innocent people as his attackers until the police tracked the perpetrators he’d paid to assault him. Someone made a phone call to the Chicago DA’s office and the slam dunk case against Jussie Smollett was not only dropped, but expunged, sanitized and the records sealed. How can any victim or an entire population now demand or expect justice? Lady Justice has de factoremoved her blindfold.

The political establishment has spent millions of taxpayer dollars, willingly destroyed many innocent lives, all to overthrow a president because he wasn’t supposed to win an election. Their partner in crime, a corrupt news media, reported and still reports falsehoods 24 hours a day, seven days a week, not for weeks but years calling the president every foul name they can come up with. 

Our intelligence community, the Department of Justice, and our hallowed FBI aided that establishment and media, playing a major role in a knowingly false narrative in an attempted coup d’état, based only on political preference. What other dark figures remain in the background waiting to be exposed?

President Trump almost stands alone, pursuing his Constitutional duty to enforce laws that our Legislative Branch has passed, and yet is refused the tools he needs to enforce those laws. 

An entire political party has turned its back on our judicial system, our election process mired in fraud, and our institutions, only for their mercenary political ends. The confidence in our institutions and its leaders that is supposed to hold our society together is now hanging by the sword of Damocles.

A government, any government, is a relationship between it and its people. Its duty is to maintain order and provide confidence. It has purposely failed! We are now divided into two major camps.

Sadly, it is coming to a point where no judge anywhere would fail to grant a divorce of that relationship based upon irreconcilable differences. The saddest part of all this is that we have a large segment of the country that thinks they can make something good out of their manufactured chaos.

If the people of this country can come to grips with what and continues to transpire and demand justice be dispensed equally in accordance with the law, we may be able to salvage what is left of a great nation and its system of government. 

We are waiting while anarchy ponders its entrance.

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  1. Whats difficult for me to deal with is my family & fb friends dont want to talk about politics. They rather talk about happy shit. Politics is depressing.

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