OK, I’m angry

… by Dr. Ray DeLorenzo

I am sick and tired of the Left in this country. They are a bunch of cry babies with the intelligence of a gnat. They preach love and tolerance and hate everyone.

I am sick and tired of secular liberal college professors, who couldn’t survive 24 hours in the real world, telling me how to live. They say they teach higher education when, in reality, it’s lower education than my grade school. They are so dumb that they haven’t even figured out that in a world they would create, they would be the first eliminated.

I am sick and tired of being told we are all going to die in 12 years if we don’t do exactly what the Left says…give up electricity, air conditioning, flying, and the cars in my garage…especially by people who don’t know squat about the subject matter. Many of the so-called climatologists that have signed on to the insanity just want to keep their funding.

I’m sick and tired of Beto O’Rourke…just because, and AOC for the same reason! They are weird media creations designed to help turn coveted Texas blue and have a representative in New York that does what she is told by her handlers.

The Left is never concerned with outcome, only appearances. The Left hasn’t given a second thought to unintended consequences of turning our country socialist. They supported banning DDT and felt morally superior about it. But, they had no feeling either way about the millions of people that died because of it and the new insecticides are proving more harmful to mammals than DDT. They banned logging in California and, as a result, they now have massive wildfires because the forests are inundated with overgrowth…and we lost the spotted owl anyway. 

I am tired of the main stream media not giving me the facts in the news but insisting on giving me their stupid opinions and assuming I agree with their idiocy.

I’m tired of politicians more interested in protecting their political rear ends than protecting their constituents. They show a phony remorse and concern for illegal aliens (for political purposes) even though thousands of Americans have been murdered, robbed, and assaulted by too many of them. They disgust me.

I’m sick of political correctness. It is a dangerous and mindless conformity that will take the place of new discovery and thinking. Our university system is most guilty, admitting inferior students because they are aggrieved, leaving superior students out in the cold.

I’m tired of seeing aberrant conduct being sold as normal behavior.

I can’t stand that the Left’s truth changes with the wind. Everyone, especially children, need an unchanging truth.

I am tired of hearing the Left condemn Fox News for their bias, but don’t mind ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, or PBS for their bias. 

I’m tired of this country’s judicial system being made impotent for politicians with the right connections. Democrats are trying to get Trump for a crime they can’t find while the Clinton’s go around scot-free for crimes that are hiding in plain sight.

I’m tired of politicians demonstrating their ‘righteous indignation’ over illegal alien children being held in temporary custody while, at the same time, they support and promote the mass killing of millions of innocent babies in and out of the womb and insist we pay for it.

I’m sick of hearing about the gun problem in this country when it’s a criminal problem. They desperately want to confiscate our guns so they can have their way with us.

I’m tired of President Trump being blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world.

I’m tired of Democrats coming up with stupid ideas almost every day like letting 16-year-olds vote…the same 16-year-olds that eat detergent pods. The same 16-year-olds that are mal-educated, misinformed and totally without life experience. I can only imagine how Democrats would try to make themselves attractive to these make-believe adults…maybe free tattoos and concert tickets. I wasn’t even happy about 18-year-olds voting. OK, if you’re in the military, you can vote. 

I’m tired of listening to the Left tell us that free speech is hurtful and must be restrained while the best antidote for hurtful speech is more free speech.

I’m tired of the Left’s contempt for the millions of Americans that didn’t vote their way. They didn’t even bother to discover or care why the other half voted as they did.

I’m sick of the Democratic 2020 candidates’ race to the bottom of the barrel.

I’m tired of people who can’t figure out what gender or race they are. I can’t stand this nonsense that I have to pretend a man is a woman or vice versa just because that person has massive delusions and worry that I’m going to be arrested for greeting him or her with the wrong pronoun. I’m tired of being forced to live in their very weird world.

Before Obama became president, race issues where a thing of the past. After he took office, I found out that, as a white person, me and 200 million others were irredeemable racists and needed re-education.

I hate their identity politics, being split up into tribes by race, gender, religion and political party and if you are in the wrong basket, you are called deplorable.

I’m tired of the trends and fads that Leftists create, whether its letting ‘men’ race in an all-girls 100 meter, or the vulgarity of their art. And if you don’t jump into their bandwagon, you’re a hater.

I’m tired of their shallow morality and virtue-signaling as their indication of a phony high intelligence.

I’m tired of hearing about their latest crisis. And when I don’t show equal alarm and anxiety, they show me disdain.

I’m tired of hearing about restitution for black slavery when my family and millions of others didn’t arrive here until after the Civil War ended.

The Left will say nothing when an Islamist throws a homosexual off a roof, but is outraged when a Christian will not bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. They will never ask a Muslim baker to do the same thing.

The Left is turning our country into another 1930s Germany. Thanks to them, our freedoms are now genuinely in danger. The Left has turned away from truth so they naturally have pivoted toward lies. They will believe in any myth that puts God and America in a bad light. They believe in sloppy science and history books written by leftist bogus historians like Howard Zinn who wrote ‘A People’s History of the United States’. They will always take the word of the serpent slithering along the apple tree as truth, because, after all, God is a hater. God is indeed a hater, but not of people, but what they do. 

Yes, I have a MAGA hat and plan on wearing it. If anyone thinks I’m a hater, they would be right. I hate stupidity. 

I think I’m feeling better now.

This article from Stand Up America’s (SUA) weekly feature, “In case you missed it”, by Dr. Ray DiLorenzo.  Major General Paul Vallely is CEO of SUA. 

6 Comments on “OK, I’m angry

  1. This is so delicious. I’m printing it out, framing it, and putting it on my wall. For future historians wondering what happened to America, this will get them on the right track.

  2. I am Angry and done with this mockery of our Country; Our American Heritage, Our Justice and Freedom. Time to send RINO’S home and vote in hard core fighting Patriots.

  3. Excellent read! Thank you for writing and publishing this. It is truly how mainstream Americans feel and it’s so hard to get our voices heard.

  4. I have been saying the same things for years now hoping someone who has been duped would understand. Unfortunately, the indoctrination of our youth for decades now has produced blithering weak minded individuals who believe the garbagevthey have been fed and re-educating them is difficult at best. Bit, I and others like Ray will continue to do so because occasionally we do convert a lefty robot!

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