The Veteran and the Second Amendment

For Immediate Release

Today at VPAC

Today, Wednesday, 13 March 2019, kick’s off the Veteran Patriots Action Conference (VPAC), a 501 (c) (19), Veterans Organization. The topic for the day is the Veteran and the Second Amendment in at the Civic Center in Southern Pines, NC. The first in a 2019 series of Second Amendment-focused problem-solving seminars, this one focuses on public school and campus security, and what the combat veteran might bring to the increasingly demanding task. 

The panel will consist of SOS’s Dave Miller, US Army Special Forces retired; Mr. Chris Maples, Eastern North District Director for U.S. Rep Richard Hudson (R-NC); Chief Arthur Frye, Chief of the Moore County North Carolina Schools Police Department; Ms. Maureen Kreuger, District Attorney for Moore County North Carolina; Mr. Dwight Creech, Calvary Christian School; John D. Zumwalt, US Army Special Forces Retired; Victor Allen, US Army Special Forces Retired; and Jeff Drummond, US Marine Corps retired. Ken Benway, US Army Special Forces retired will moderate.

SOS wishes the group a productive day. We look forward to seeing VPAC’s post-seminar report.

And, we hope other Vets in the Fight® will join with VPAC, and help their communities to be better places to learn, work and live

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