SITREP 22 Dec 2018, Naughty and Nice


Hello all you Vets in the Fight, this is David Miller, with your weekly Special Operations Speaks, Vets in the Fight SITREP.

Here we are now just a few days before Christmas.  It seems to come around so fast that we hardly have time to catch our breath before we’re readying ourselves for the beautiful holiday again. After Easter, Christmas is our most important holiday of the year, and rightfully so.  It’s a time for family and friends to gather together and remember our Judeo-Christian heritage and grow in Faith, to rekindle friendships, to share in the bounty of this most exceptional nation.

And, in keeping with another tradition, we’ve borrowed a little from a familiar Christmas song and made a list of who’s naughty, because a growing number of misguided folks hate what Christmas stands for;  and who’s nice, because they deserve the attention the media will not give them.  The lists are very, very long, so for the sake of time, we’ll just hit the wave tops.

We’ll start with the naughty ones and save the good-hearted ness for last, so here goes. We must start with the Democrats.  With no real platform of their own except to oppose all things fundamentally American, Schumer and Pelosi have led their party down a dark and twisted road to global Socialism which, in turn, has given us the next-gen of Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez.

Next up is the darling of the Left:  Planned Parenthood founded by Margaret Sanger in the 1920’s, an avowed eugenicist and racist was originally known as the American Birth Control League.  It has since evolved into a leading abortion provider, instructor of perverted sexual practices for youth and receives hundreds of millions of taxpayer funding thanks to its many powerful lobbyists and lucre-driven politicians.

Two of those politicians are next in our catalog of the corrupt:  Bill and Hillary Clinton. Oh, where to start! An early acolyte of Saul Alinski, Hillary hitched her dung wagon to Bill’s charismatic star and travelled from the woods of Arkansas to the swamp of DC.  From Whitewater to Travel Gate to Uranium One, these two have enriched themselves at great cost to national security and a long trail of ruined lives. They should be deported to Venezuela immediately.

Speaking of politicians, our next target is:  the Federal Government.  Waste, fraud, kick-backs, scandals of every stripe are so common that a day without a report of some DC shenanigans seems somehow odd. Waste alone can fill a book.  We suggest OPENTHEBOOKS.COM.Allow us one example: From FY’s 04-17 mistakes and improper payments distributed by 20 agencies amounted to $1.2 T.

Last on our menu of miscreants is the aide-de-camp to all the above:  The media.  So feckless, so biased are they that even actual journalists are running from them. Their year of self-matyrdom ended with Time announcing journalists as person of the year.  Poor put-upon snowflakes.

We could go on for hours, but quite frankly, we’re sick of taking about them.  So let’s move on to some real Americans.

First, our Military. Thousands deployed even now for Christmas, making real sacrifices for country and family.  Willing, at all times, to defend our nation wherever duty calls. We owe our very existence to the generations of these brave and selfless servants who promised, and sometimes gave, all that liberty might prosper.  Please keep them and their families in your prayers. Our next choice is likely someone you’ve never heard of:  Brian Kolfage A 37-year old Air Force veteran and triple-amputee, Brian has started a “We the People will Fund the Wall” GoFundMe campaign with a goal of raising $1B.  Sick and tired or Washington’s games, Brian, through his campaign, has raised nearly $8M as of 20 December.  This true Patriot has not let his formidable injuries prevent him doing what Washington can’t.  Bravo!

The Gary Sinise Foundation.   Supporting the families of fallen heroes, preparing and serving thousands of meals, building specially adapted smart homes for the severely wounded and suicide prevention programs and much more, Gary’s foundation works tirelessly as servants to Veterans, First Responders and their families. Go to GARYSINISEFOUNDATION.ORG and give, if you can.

We here at Special Operations Speaks and Vets in the Fight© wish all of our veterans and especially our Brothers and Sisters in Arms deployed a warm and blessed Christmas surrounded by family, friends and comrades.  We value you all. YOU are our purpose and we are proud to have served with you and serve you now.

Keep up the good fight.  Remain steadfast and know that ours is a righteous fight.  This is David Miller for Special Operations Speaks and Vets in the Fight everywhere.  Until next week, may God Bless us and our exceptional Republic.  De Oppresso Liber.

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