SITREP 1 December 2018 The Ball is in Our Court

Hello all you Vets in the Fight, this is David Miller with your weekly Special Operations Speaks, Vets in the Fight SITREP.

Special Operations Speaks extends our deepest and most sincere condolences to the families of the three Special Operations soldiers killed by an IED in Afghanistan.  Twenty nine year-old Captain Andrew Patrick Ross and 39-year-old Sergeant 1st Class Eric Michael Emond  who were assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne)  and twenty five year-old Staff Sergeant Dylan J. Elchin, from Pennsylvania, who was assigned to the Air Force 26th Special Tactics Squadron. Our prayers go out to those injured in the attack for a speedy and whole recovery.

Our courageous men and women who serve the American people believe, with no reservation, that ours IS the exceptional nation we know it to be. They deserve the very best training, the very best equipment we can give them.  Most importantly, they deserve the very best leadership that understands the use of our military might and the historical fact that a strong and formidable military is deterrence in itself.  In other words, strength through overwhelming capability.

The so-called leadership in DC is increasingly anti-military, anti-law enforcement and anti-American.  Many are, at best, painfully oblivious  to the idea of Liberty and the human cost of keeping it.  Recall John Kerry’s commencement speech words: “You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

These anti-military musings of a traitorous Vietnam-era rat to college graduates are certainly not the introductory course of indoctrination. No.  As we’ve noted, that begins in the formative years.  A close friend of SOS told us recently that his grandson, all of five years old, is enrolled in pre-pre school; poison fruit of Barrack Husain Obama and his obsession with the government takeover of our children’s minds.  The results are as sad as they are predictable.  Common Core has been introduced to help create minds receptive to direction, not to seeking conclusions through logic. Few public school children any longer have the critical thinking skills to discern right from wrong, good choices over bad and the long term repercussions that come from them.  They are taught that there are no absolutes and that real value is knowing the process, not some pie-in-the-sky truth.  Our kids are talked out of believing in anything concrete and talked into faith in the state. We have to face a very hard truth:  the culture war that erupted in John Kerry’s 1960’s has taken a very grave toll on our society.  Look around. From Hollywood to our hometowns, this perverse system of control is in full affect.  Even our beloved military has fallen prey.  Not only are transgenders and their ilk infiltrating the force but, at an alarming rate, young men wishing to enlist fall woefully short of meeting minimum physical, academic and criminal background standards of entry, often induced by a culture that does not place

much value on physical development.  Many who enter basic training are suffering stress fractures in their feet, legs and even their hips; induced by just marching and the relatively easy physical training they undergo.  A physician’s assistant working with the Army Special Operations Forces stated that as many as thirty percent of recruits suffer some sort of bone fracture.  The problem is so prevalent that it has begun to affect the DOD budget.  Paying lifelong disability to nineteen-year olds adds up quickly.  How is this connected to our educational crises? Young men have been saturated with an endless browbeating in the classroom by feminist teachers of both sexes and in social media about toxic masculinity, gender fluidity, the evils of patriarchal society and, of late, the #metoo movement leading them to doubt themselves and, tragically, what they are as emerging men.  Told they are evil just for who they are, they disappear into a virtual reality world of video games and lethargy and forego the vigorous one most of us grew up in; a rough-and-tumble world that self-reliance, friendships, tenacity and strong bodies and bones.

The ball is squarely in our court. The balance of influence must shift back to manhood and the family, back to the nurturing home where reality and the tough truths of life are taught; away from the influence of those who would nullify the very concept of manhood, away from neo-Marxist, one-worlders like John Kerry.

It’s time, NOW, to take our children back.

Keep up the good fight.  Remain steadfast and know that ours is a righteous fight.

This is David Miller for Special Operations Speaks and Vets in the Fight, until next week, may God Bless us and our exceptional Republic.  De Oppresso Liber.

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