Situation Report (SITREP) 17 November 2018

Hello all you Vets in the Fight, this is David Miller with your weekly Special Operations Speaks, Vets in the Fight SITREP.

“Ye Gods, Mardonius, what men have you brought us to fight against? Men that fight not for gold, but for glory.”

Persian Commander at the Battle of Thermopylae

 Vets in the Fight® Vote, Serve in Public Office and Hold Government Accountable.  These constitute the Veteran’s Legitimate / Constitutional Instruments of Power. These are your means to a true voice in Government.

Like the Spartan ‘300’ at Thermopylae, Vets in the Fight® know what it is to fight not for the pay, but for the greater honor of having made our Republic safer and stronger against all enemies ‘foreign and domestic’.

As we survey the still-smoldering electoral battlefields in the southlands of America at the close of the midterms, we’ve been witness to the determined probing by the Left’s sappers to help shape the main battles yet to come in November 2020.

Vets Are Not Afraid to Speak

Like Xerxes’ archers, the neo-Marxist Democrats partly blotted out the sun with a storm of late, manufactured ballots, programmatically planned and thrown into the fray at first indication that a Republican might win a key swing seat fairly in either chamber of the Congress.


“Be not deceived. Revolutions do not go backward.”
― Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

Here is the true, ugly face of the American Left, displayed unashamedly to the free world. Seeking to nullify the U.S. Constitution with massive voting fraud, the neo-Marxists’ have taken many notes as to how the GOP establishment reacts, lame ducks notwithstanding and are planning accordingly. Can the GOP Establishment be trusted to rework and strengthen our position beginning now?

Newly elected Congressmen, Vets in the Fight®, like Lieutenant Colonel Mike Waltz of Florida’s 6thDistrict, and Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw of Texas’ 2d District, both members of the upcoming 116thCongress, are already in Washington analyzing battlefield key terrain and noting both our strengths and weaknesses.  We hope their battle-hardened insights and sense of duty, honor, country and competence grab the attention of the new House Leadership in time to help strategically shape the 2020 battlefield posturing us to go on the #MAGA attack.  It is no time for failed ‘prevent defenses’.  Attack from a secure base is the only way to win in 2020.

Can you add your unique, Veteran experience and maturity to the main attack to save our Republic from the predations of a committed neo-Marxist assault in 2020. From your hometown to the national level, there is a place for YOU, the Vet in the Fight®, whose military oath remains in full force.  Tell us at our Special Operations Speaks email info@SpecOpsSpeaks.comif you have a strong desire to serve in public office and to campaign in 2019 and 2020.  We’d like to follow your journey and to help where appropriate.

We are led in this fight by an aggressive, logical Commander in Chief, who in his own way is battle hardened by decades of business, economic and political dealings with foes of all stripes in one of the world’s most dangerous arenas:  New York City.  He knows the hypocrisy, deceit and self-serving agendas of politicians from all corners.  Those that believed in his mantra of Making America Great Again did well in their campaigns-those that turned away, yeah, well not so much. Now is not the time to grow faint-hearted, to duck and cover at the sound of the Marxist, self-serving withering fire. The President marches forward, keeping the promises to Vets made during his campaign.  Noteworthy events:

November 15th, the president stated “To every veteran and military family across our land, I want to express the eternal gratitude and thanks of our entire Nation.” The President and First Lady Melania Trump visited the Marine Barracks in Washington, D.C., thanking service members in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday next week. The First Couple also spent time with the Marines who bravely responded to a building fire at the Arthur Senior Public Housing complex in Washington on September 19. The President took time during dinner for veterans and their families at the White House event to explain his commitment to our country’s heroes:

  • In June, he signed the VA MISSION Act, which unleashes the largest reform of the Veterans Affairs system in half a century.
  • Since Inauguration Day, the Trump Administration has prioritized accountability at the VA, removing more than 3,600 inept Government employees.
  • Programs at the VA and HUD have helped nearly 54,000 veterans find permanent housing—and thanks to a booming economy, veterans’ unemployment is near a two-decade low.

Keep up the good fight.  We are all we have.  This is David Miller for Special Operations Speaks and Vets in the Fight, until next week, may God Bless us and our exceptional Republic.  De Oppresso Liber.

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  1. Glad you like our blog. Keep you articles as brief, focused and clear as possible. Have a second person edit and proofread it. The more you write, the better you’ll get. Go for it! Good luck!

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