Saul Alinsky is on the Ballot

Hello all you Vets in the Fight.  Here is your weekly SITREP for 31 October 2018.

Vote as if our Republic Depended on it.”

As we come into the home stretch of the 2018 midterm elections … this coming Tuesday … historically ho-hum events in the grand scheme of events political, there is a whole different feel and intensity.  If you’ve gone through early voting, or hung around the campaign spots at the polls, you are aware of a level of voter intensity, on both sides, akin to the 2016 elections.  There is a clear referendum being exercised.  On one hand, we have a long list of good things achieved by Trump’s #MAGA strategy for the American people, and its antithesis over in the neo-Marxist Democrat camp, featuring hate for Trump, and we who voted for him, and subterfuge as their platform.

Pelosi the Witch Speaker

President Trump, in a tour de force, with #MAGA successes dangling like scalps from his belt, is a one-man Congressional campaign, averaging three or more rallies per week.  His crowds are just as huge and just as enthusiastic now as in 2016, bolstering the prospects of Congressional candidates and, by extension, state and local conservative candidates as well.  All this in spite of a Republican establishment studiously aloof to the possibilities of a Republican win in the Senate and House.

Meanwhile, former President Barack Hussein Obama draws crowds in the hundreds.  The Clintons have gone on the midterms speaking circuit at $750 per ticket (never give the suckers an even break). But the only truly iconic figure we can attach to the neo-Marxist Democrat campaign is Saul Alinsky, whose Rules for Radicals can be used as a working execution checklist.  If you haven’t read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, go to  One of the first things you will note is that Alinsky dedicated his Rules to Lucifer … how appropriate to folks who booed God at the 2012 Democrat Presidential Convention in Charlotte, NC.

As you read down the list of thirteen Rules for Radicals, you’ll be able to easily match up neo-Marxist Democrat actions of late in the struggle for the midterms.  We are all acutely aware of the manufactured buffoonery brought to the Senate – Kavanaugh Nomination Hearings by the Democrats.  Since they left their permanent stain on the Senate as an institution, as well as upon Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation, we’ve seen the coordinated resurrection of a Central American invasion force (aka Honduran Caravan) organized by the Left and supported by its Cable news allies.  All are trying to convince us that a spontaneous group of over 10,000 so-called refugees, the vast majority being fighting-age males, are eagerly walking nearly 2000 miles to come to Trump’s land of hate, misogyny, xenophobia, and, of course, racism.  Mixed in are certain to be MS-13, Muslim Brotherhood, and any number of African and Asian criminals and opportunists, who have far more nefarious goals in mind.  Reliable sources point to several George Soros-supported groups as operating together in Mexico to coordinate and sustain this group of invaders.  In essence, Soros and the Left on both sides of the border are conducting a coordinated assault on our sovereign borders. It is what we call an act of war. This has been front page news for the past week or more, in many instances having a rebound effect of solidifying conservative resolve around President Trump and #MAGA.

Recent event involving mail bombs and the cold-blooded massacre of eleven Jewish worshippers, draw our attention in the news cycle.   It remains to be seen what comes of the investigation into these October ‘surprises’, quickly replaced by media attempts to condemn President Trump as a virtual perpetrator in each instance.

Meanwhile several invading Caravans, consisting mostly of fit fighting -age males, wend their way north through Mexico to test our resolve to defend our borders.  Fifteen thousand U.S. Military are en route to the southern border to underwrite that resolve.  The drive-by media is insane with false news.  They are still clinging to the Obama legacy of Retribution (for being Americans), Redistribution (for ‘owing’ Central American invaders), and Reparations (for claims of American ‘imperialism’.)

We urge all Vets in the fight to repell the onslaught of disinformation by employing Alinsky’s Rule 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Actually, the AR-15 is a more potent weapon, but ridicule will do as long as the Left doesn’t try to make good on its countless threats of violence and tyranny”, to quote Kurt Schlichter, conservative writer and Vet in the Fight.

Vote Conservative to preserve #MAGA.

Until next week, may God Bless us and our exceptional Republic.  De Oppresso Liber.


-Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924), First Leader of the Soviet Union



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