Month: October 2018

Prepare for the Counterattack

On the battlefield, it is the counter-attack that can be most devastating, as the enemy often catch us basking in our recent tactical successes, finding us with our guard down.  Now that the Left has lost the Kavanaugh… Read More

The Kavanaugh Allegations Are Psychological Terrorism, And It’s Time They End

Note:  Written by Mr. Jim Simpson, his article pulls together a more vivid picture of the Leftist – Neo-Marxist Congressional strategy under guise of the Democrat Party, and the GOPe that tolerates it.  Pure Alinsky, it is worth… Read More

TAPS—MG (R) Sidney Shachnow; 5 MAR 1934-28 SEP 2018

America Loses another true hero … De Oppresso Liber TAPS—MG (R) Sidney Shachnow; 5 MAR 1934-28 SEP 2018 General Shachnow, a Distinguished Member of the Regiment and former Honorary Colonel of the Special Forces Regiment was a Holocaust… Read More