Vets in the Fight SITREP 13 October 2018 — Battle Cry of the Republic


It Still Applies

Hello again to all you Vets in the Fight, this is David Miller with your weekly Special Operations Speaks, Vets in the Fight SITREP.

One week ago, conservative Americans celebrated the great, bitterly fought victory of the confirmation and swearing in of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  We have good cause; by all accounts, Justice Kavanaugh is a man beholden to no one but to God and the Constitution.  He has proven himself a jurist who strives to understand and act on original intent – and we are a far better nation having him serve on the country’s highest court. He and his family have suffered through a disgusting display of senseless brutality that no one should have to endure.  They are veterans of the fight as much, or more, than anyone.

In sharp contrast, the communist Leftists seek only to tear down and destroy-whether it be Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump or the Constitution. They have whipped up masses of young women (mostly) and men into a frenzy of asylum-like insanity where there is no room for, nor want of the truth.  The pitiful howling of the demonstrators around the Senate building after Kavanaugh’s confirmation will haunt those halls for a long time and will be echoed each time Constitutional processes defy their delusional dreams of a utopian paradise.  Their actions might conjure up images of the bumper-car arena of a bygone era.  Each driver spinning their wheels furiously trying to complete a lap and managing to slam into or be slammed into by another car, only to realize there is no finish line, only endless bashing about that in itself then becomes the objective.

All the while, those (mostly) old, white-gasp!- men and women look down on the melee with grim satisfaction.  This revolution the Left is foisting on America is not that of our Founders but rather a descendant of the first French Revolution that led to the “Reign of Terror” and the subsequent arrest of 300,000 and execution (mostly by guillotine) of at least 25,000.   While some case might be made for the unrest of the people, it certainly wasn’t the Republican form of government! But to listen to today’s democoms, you might be led to believe that we are on the very brink of back street abortions, segregation and stripping women of every Constitutional right…wait, it seems a significant portion of our population DObelieve just that.  Just asNicholas IIhad his Rasputin, so the Democrat party has its Schumer. He leads the party and their loyal lemmings by a combination of mystical catch phrases and fear that no one else can lead the great proletariat to the promised land. But Chuck leads a merry band of lunatics and may very well suffer the same fate as Rasputin at their soy-soaked hands if they suffer many more defeats.  As part of their never ending rebellion, the left has already begun sharpening their pitchforks in eager anticipation of impeachment proceedings against Justice Kavanaugh and, lest we forget, President Trump.  They are slathering to gain a majority in the House and/or Senate.  This, then, is where the battle is truly engaged for vets.  Vets that will be in the fight.

As any combatant commander knows, momentum must be put to full use.  To gain the advantage and then relax is to invite a counter-attack that can be devastating.  Know this: the left will not be crying over spilt soy milk for long.  As was said earlier, they are planning now.  In fact, following the Strzok/Page playbook, the left busies itself with insurance policies such as super PACs gearing up to oust Sen. Collins in Maine and pouring millions into every House and Senate campaign where they feel the least bit threatened.  This is, as they say, political business as usual.  What is unusual and, frankly, alarming is the rise in direct action by the left’s militant thugs.  At present, Republicans in DC are the main targets; harassed and threatened with physical violence-remember the incident involving Rand Paul that left him with six broken ribs.  More recently his cell number and home address were “doxxed” (made public with the intention of harassment) by a Democrat staffer.  That young staffer faces up to fifty years for that bit of foolishness.

To be sure, this is very serious business but we are not calling for violence of any sort.  We stand on truth and as the Bible teaches us, “the truth shall make you free.” Teach the Constitution, share it with all you can and vote in every election that comes.

Vote, that our Republic may survive.”

This is David Miller for Special Operations Speaks and Vets in the Fight, until next week, may God Bless us and our exceptional Republic.  De Oppresso Liber.

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