A Time For Choosing

As we are fed today’s 24/7 news, most of us don’t realize that the media are intentionally serving us mind-numbing messaging meant to generate a purposeful outcome: to create angry puppets incited to regurgitate every morsel. Fiction becomes fact—especially the louder one shouts.

Have no doubt. The forces of evil are waging a coup, aided by the media, bureaucrats, academia, Hollywood, and even some churches. And these forces, unfortunately, take full advantage of the very system they are pledged to destroy.

In the November midterm elections—just weeks from now—that evil, under the banner of the Democratic (Communist) Party, will again challenge the foundations our great Republic.

Barack Hussein Obama succeeded in “fundamentally changing America” during his terms in office. He resurrected, and even celebrated, the division of the races after decades of assimilation and reconciliation. He succeeded in blurring the intrinsic differences between men and women, and subverting the sacred institution of marriage. He fabricated the Leftist prime emotion of envy where none was warranted. He encouraged violence both on campus and in the streets of our major cities. In 2016 Obama poised for his final assault, expecting his surrogate, Hillary Clinton, to de facto serve out his third term as President—he would provide the “invisible hand”, with the aim of finishing off our Republic.

But, We The People—and Donald Trump—threw down our own gauntlet in November 2016 and bought America, and the world, a reprieve that has produced near-miraculous reversals. (This, notwithstanding, a hate- and psychosis-driven Left Resistance pulling out all the—for now, non-lethal—stops in opposition.) The Trump Movement to Make America Great Again (#MAGA) is just in its infancy but can be killed in the cradle if the Left gains control of the US Congress in November.

A large measure of the Trump electoral victory was won by an increase in Vets in the Fight® and their families turning out at the polls. The midterms must see an even greater number of veterans vote in order to sustain the Republic’s recovery. 

Two paths, two outcomes

There are two very distinct paths open to us in five short weeks.

One path leads to rapid improvement in the American instruments of strategic national power, i.e., diplomacy, information, military and economy (DIME). For several years, Special Operations Speaks tracked the Obama assault on these instruments of power, an assault intended to strengthen both competitors and military adversaries of the US as retribution for manufactured offenses by our nation since our inception. Our analyses demonstrated the effects of the Left’s efforts to erase American exceptionalism, the one thing standing in the way of Leftist world domination.

Ronald Reagan said, “Ours is a time for choosing.” Our choices will decide whether we (1) continue on the path to #MAGA, erasing the malevolent governance of Barack Hussein Obama, or (2) commit to the “socialist = communist” path that the Left has publicly embraced since the day they booed God (three times) in Charlotte, NC, at the Democrat Party Presidential Convention in 2012.

Drawing from Dennis Prager’s highly acclaimed book, Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph, we’ll divide our voting choices for the 2018 midterm elections into a path to Americanism and a path to Leftism.

The graphic below reflects some of the many outcomes along the horizontal axis on the Path to Americanism and on the vertical axis on the Path to Leftism.

Americanism vs. Leftism
You Choose

Americanism consists in three key ideas and governing principles in place since the Declaration of Independence.

  • Liberty
  • In God We Trust
  • From Many One (e pluribus unum)

These latter two, unique to our nation, are central to our American Exceptionalism.

America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, indispensable moral values that guide our conduct as American citizens and as a nation. Liberty, and the Bill of Rights that animate that condition, are granted to every person, whether Democrats believe it or not. With that Liberty comes moral responsibility—and the responsibility to make judgements based on those norms.   Barack Hussein Obama gleefully proclaimed America no longer a Judeo-Christian nation. He thought that pronouncement gave him free reign to bury that founding legacy. We the People, and Donald Trump, scuttled that notion in November 2016.

Americanism is the path we must choose in this time of existential peril for our nation.

Leftismpractices a secular (atheistic) religion rooted in the ideology of Marx and Stalin, believing that man is a product of the State, subject to and beholden to the State. Man is a commodity to be expended. Leftism has proven to be the most deadly political program in the history of the world. Well over 100 million humans have been liquidated as a direct result of Nazism, Communism, Maoism, Pol Pot, North Vietnam, and others.

In the Religion of Leftism there is no higher entity than the State, per force Leftism ultimately requires atheism of its adherents. The State is the arbiter of morality, expressed as policy.  There is no good and no evil, only compliance or rejection of policy, with the weight of the State landing squarely on the latter. As with morality, rights are virtually condemned, as these emanate from a Creator. Leftism thrives on the mother’s milk of victimhood. Where it cannot find victims, it creates and nurtures victimhood. Of late, it has taken to importing enough illegal aliens to overwhelm a system that is geared to assimilating and creating winners of its participants. Winners reject Leftism, losers (victims) embrace it.

At this writing, we are watching Leftism in action by the Democrats in the Senate hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and in their effort to destroy the rule of law.

Leftism in Action — Antifa

Call to Action

“Always reinforce success, never reinforce failure.” This old Infantry rule is very applicable today.  Voting for Americanism, and against the Democrats (Leftists), reinforces success on the battlefield of ideas.

American Vets in the Fight®, their families, and their supporters acted in November 2016 to elect President Donald Trump and his vision to Make America Great Again. Success in the past two years has been enormous. This administration has cut taxes and regulations, destroyed ISIS, given us the highest employment rate, increased citizen confidence to its highest level in decades, and corrected trade inequalities. Your IRAs and 401k accounts have soared since November 2016, with more to come.


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