Final Prep and a Prayer

Final Prep and a Prayer

Ok, Florence is going to have major impact on North and South Carolina.  We will be doing final prep, with loss of power for extended periods of time, and flood waters our biggest concerns.  Duke Power is saying 1-3 million people could lose power for several weeks.

Florence Predicted Storm Track 13 Sep 2018

We’ll be finishing up our prep and hunkering down beginning today.

Cannot predict when next we’ll be up on the website or social media.

Say a prayer for us all.



One Comment on “Final Prep and a Prayer

  1. 0729 Friday, 14 Sep 18. Sandhills area, NC.

    Winds are up to 10-15 knots and light rain has started.
    All the prep to be made have been done (of should have been done)
    by now. Power and water are still good at this point. Flooding is a real
    concern for as we’ve had several days of rain and the ground is already
    saturated. The secondary concern is fallen trees. We have pines throughout
    the Sandhills and they are notorious for toppling over during these events
    due to their shallow root system and top-heavy build.
    We’re praying for all those in more immediate threat along the coast and
    almond river/large tributary systems. We’ll be in contact as long as possible.

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