Hurricane Florence Prep Takes on New Urgency

Early this morning (Tuesday) Hurricane Florence began re-organizing into what verges on a Category V hurricane, still pointed at the North and South Carolina coasts, with landfall likely early Thursday.  Today’s Special Operations Speaks social media coverage will provided be as conditions permit, with our own preparations to protect family and property under way.

We know that all those Vets in the Fight down in the Marine Corps complex of Parris Island, Camp Lejeune and Cherry point are hard at work, as the storm threatens the tens of thousands living there.

Up to 15 Foot Storm Surge Possible for Wilmington and Adjoining Coast of NC-SC

Evacuation orders have been issued for the South Carolina coast, where they estimate a million people will be on the road inland today and tomorrow.

To our co-founder Captain Larry Bailey, USN SEAL Retired, down in Chocowinity,  NC, we send our best wishes.

We wish Col. Wayne Morris, USMC retired, down in the Jacksonville, NC best of luck.  Col. Morris reaches tens of thousands of Marines on his Waymor, Inc., mail lists on any given day.  Next on the path of the storm is our neighboring Ft. Bragg.

We wish them all God’s blessing in the coming days.

Increasingly, the storm is projected to stall once it gets a bit inland, and may bring tropical rainfalls for DAYS after land fall.  This would bring epic flooding to a radius of over 100 miles from the storm center.

We bought two Rubbermaid 44 gal barrels yesterday at Lowe’s to store potable water in the garage. Some Clorox Bleach (unscented and not the thickened type) are there for purification, as well as a LifeStraw Family purification unit for long-term use.  Here are instructions on how to use Clorox to purify water.

We’ve assembled our important papers in a briefcase (inside trash bags for water proofing) that is ready to travel and already in the truck.

Reserved a room for five days at a hotel on high ground and with reliable backup power.  Notified relatives outside the storm area of the hotel location and tel number and intended duration.

Froze containers of water in the garage freezer.  Placed a quarter on the ice of two of them as a measure of possible thawing if (when) power goes out and we are not present.

Stocked up on at least two weeks of prescription medications (thanks to Col. Dick Brauer for that reminder).

Rucksacks packed and in the truck, along with a couple gallons of water and food.

Made sure laptop hard drive data is backed up on iCloud and elsewhere.  Laptop goes with us to the hotel, along with some cases of non-perishable emergency food.

Means for protecting family and property are in force.

OK, folks, that is it for now from inside the Florence Bullseye for now.  Further reports as circumstances permit.  Say a prayer for all of us.  OUT.

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