Month: September 2018

A Time For Choosing

As we are fed today’s 24/7 news, most of us don’t realize that the media are intentionally serving us mind-numbing messaging meant to generate a purposeful outcome: to create angry puppets incited to regurgitate every morsel. Fiction becomes… Read More

SOS Update: the Great Carolinas Flood of 2018 …  Hurricane Florence

17 September 2018.  With the sun shine comes the evaluation of needs and priorities. This morning, the sun finally broke through the five-day long gloom that saw Hurricane Florence Category I winds and record rains (a thousand-year flood… Read More

Final Prep and a Prayer

Final Prep and a Prayer Ok, Florence is going to have major impact on North and South Carolina.  We will be doing final prep, with loss of power for extended periods of time, and flood waters our biggest… Read More

Hurricane Florence Prep Takes on New Urgency

Early this morning (Tuesday) Hurricane Florence began re-organizing into what verges on a Category V hurricane, still pointed at the North and South Carolina coasts, with landfall likely early Thursday.  Today’s Special Operations Speaks social media coverage will… Read More

Hurricane Florence:  Carolinas and Virginia Vets in the Fight (VIF)

Hurricane Florence:  Carolinas and Virginia Vets in the Fight (VIF) Bulletin:   The governors of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia have declared states of emergency in advance of Hurricane Florence landing somewhere along their coasts sometime on Thursday,… Read More