Bulletin !!! Breakthrough in Post-Traumatic Stress Treatment

Special Operations Speaks  (SOS) is an activist veteran organization.

Many of you know of our efforts to encourage veteran voting, veterans serving in public office, and veterans holding government accountable.  We are also trying to affect improvements, both large and small, in the Veterans Administration  (VA) treatment of our Warriors.  We are a non-profit organization, and we are not paid for our volunteer efforts.

Recently, it came to our attention that a key, scientifically validated drug-free remedy to the decades-long difficulties in treating PTSD is in hand, and has been for five years.

Here’s the story …

You’ve heard of the proverbial ‘Silver Bullet’, that solves difficult problems with a single shot, but most often proves to be something much less powerful.

Rear Admiral Denny Wisely, promoting cutting edge, drug-free treatment for PTS.

Sometimes, though, you run across homegrown ideas and efforts that come pretty close to performing like that elusive ‘Silver Bullet’.

One of those was recently sent to us by friend of SOS and Vets in the Fight, Rear Admiral Denny Wisely, US Navy retired, “Rattler” former commander of the USS John F. Kennedy (CV67) and of the Navy’s Blue Angels.  The admiral sent us an astounding paper that outlines new therapies developed by the Research and Recognition Project Labs,  a 501 c 3 non-profit, charitable organization, therapies that can have a dramatic and lasting effect on the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), without the use of drugs, as is not the case with many of the treatments for PTSD today.  The PTSD research field has spent $900 million over the past ten years, with little appreciable advance in treatment.

But, Research and Recognition has developed a therapy that is over 90% effective in resolving one of the key conditions found in PTSD. That therapy is Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories, or RTM, which over time resolves memories that have a significant impact on daily life, often as recurring nightmares or flash-backs.   In essence, RTM permits the patient to understand and accept the memories, eliminating a key clinical component of PTSD, again without the use of drugs.  Importantly, if RTM is administered soon after return home from the combat zone, PTS Syndrome can often be pre-empted entirely.

The therapy has been offered to the Veterans Administration where funding for wider implementation has been pending … since 2013.  Admiral Wisely and his Blue Angle Foundation are at the forefront of an effort to continue funding RTM, and to begin certifying psychologists from across the US on how to use the protocol.  In fact, Research and Recognition is holding a certification course on September 22, 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We are asking for your consideration in support of this immensely important breakthrough in treatment whether by helping to fund, letters to congressional offices and the Veterans Administration or alerting the veteran community of its existence.  Our wounded men and women  deserve this fighting chance to live their lives to the utmost.  Together, we can help make that chance a reality.

3 Comments on “Bulletin !!! Breakthrough in Post-Traumatic Stress Treatment

  1. ” In essence, RTM permits the patient to understand and accept the memories, eliminating a key clinical component of PTSD, again without the use of drugs. ” Think back to relatively little PTSD from WW1I, and Korea. Yes there were/are the flashbacks. I think the difference is that then they had long ship voyages back to the states with their comrades. Time to work with the trauma, share the events and accept what happened as an act of war and go onto live with the events. Hope you get the idea..this is the best I know how to express it.

    • Mike: You’ve hit upon one aspect of ‘transition’ from combat to ‘normal’ life that we intend to investigate. However, the unit rotation system, versus the WW II thru Vietnam individual replacement system, performs better in keeping that unit cohesion that is important to mental health. More study is needed in the stand-down / reintegration phase of operations. Thanks for taking the time to comment. De Oppresso Liber!

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