Month: August 2018

They Shoot Admirals, Don’t They? … leader accountability, aye!

From the U.S. Naval Institute Blog Actually, the last admiral shot (in a democratic nation) was the unfortunate Admiral John Byng of the British Royal Navy, executed by a firing squad on 14 March 1757. Admiral Byng’s crime… Read More

Wild Bill for America: A long-timefriend of SOS and a Vet in the Fight

  Wild Bill on White Privilege. Do you have privilege?  

Vets in the Fight Continue the Mission

Dateline Pensacola, Florida 28 August 2018. It was a valiant effort. It showcased a principled and accomplished America patriot throughout. Winning his run for the U.S. House of Representatives seat in Florida’s Congressional District 1 was not to… Read More

Bulletin !!! Breakthrough in Post-Traumatic Stress Treatment

Special Operations Speaks  (SOS) is an activist veteran organization. Many of you know of our efforts to encourage veteran voting, veterans serving in public office, and veterans holding government accountable.  We are also trying to affect improvements, both large… Read More

Study Shows How Younger Veterans Feel About Trump and GOP

According to new analysis published in Sociological Spectrum, while military veterans were more likely to be affiliated with the Democrat party throughout the 1970s and into the early 1990s, their affiliation is now in a state of flux…. Read More