Mid Term Exams

Hello again to all you Vets in the Fight, this is David Miller with your weekly Special Operations Speaks Vets in the Fight SITREP.

We understand that we harp on voting, running for office and holding politicians accountable an awful lot.  If it wasn’t so important to our Republic, our families and us, we would apologize and move on to something else.  But it is as important a subject as we can think of, so forgive us if we jump right back onto our stump with megaphone in hand.  A prime example of why we must stay in touch with our elected representatives and Senators is the latest bit of chaos surrounding (GASP!) the VA.  Seems our legislators can’t figure out how to pay for part of the recently passed VA Missions Act.  In particular, funding a bridge to continue the CHOICE program. It’s time for our Legislators to come together and figure this out prior to the August break.  It is what they are paid to do, after all.

Midterms, midterms, midterms.  We will hear more of this as we close in on November.  With the media wrapped around the axle about Russia, secret tapes and and getting thrown out of a press conference, they seem to be ignoring the upcoming elections.  Midterms are ALWAYS turn-out dependent, and grow only more-so with each passing day.  With solid conservative wins in November, President Trump’s way forward will be far less treacherous. Not an easy road, but attainable.  There are ten Senate seats, from Florida to North Dakota currently held by Democrats that could flip this year.  A total of thirty-three seats are up for grabs in the House-25 currently occupied by Democrats, or Independents who caucus with the Democrats. Only eight available seats are currently occupied by Republicans.  The momentum of the 2016 Trump victory still burns brightly, and will help in these upcoming contests, BUT, this is not the time to rest on our laurels. Elections are also the chance to vote on key referendums.  For instance, we here in North Carolina will be voting on six amendments including whether or not voters will be required to present identification at the polls.  Issues such as voter ID are extremely important. 

The media and their Democrat henchmen are throwing every straw man “crises” they can invent to deflect serious focus on their dubious behavior and distract Americans from the importance of these midterms.  Why?  They know they are in trouble.  Remember, if you will, Dan Rather and a host of other Democrat apparatchiks calling the Bush v Gore race in 2000.  Over and again the media reported that the Florida polls closed at seven pm Eastern.  One problem:  Florida, as we know, has two time zones.  The panhandle falls into central time.  We’re sure it is but mere coincidence that the Gulf Coast falls more heavily conservative.  How many voters stayed home because they thought the polls were closed? Probably close to 11,000 and the “hanging chad” debacle would almost certainly never had arisen had the media not lied to the public. 

Military absentee voting continues to be difficult for those forward deployed, a situation that democrats sustain, fearful of the impact of the military vote.  Some states only accept faxed or mailed ballots-if the correct ones are received in the first place- and in a Forward Operational Base or FOB, these commodities are hard to come by.  It is a travesty that those serving and risking life and limb overseas have problems voting and is largely ignored by the media.  Apparently, they can’t blame Trump, so why bother.

Has the media leopard changed its spots?  Is the media a friend to the public, as Shepard Smith bemoaned on Fox News Thursday afternoon?  Me thinks not.  Mr. Smith seems to have a very, very short memory.  The example given is but one of an ongoing assault against our Constitutional Republic.  If anything they are more rabid in their hatred of us:  the great illiterate, unwashed rubes that must be led to their version of truth, no matter the cost. Think of President Trump as the Democrat surrogate for me and you, who put him in office.  Hate Trump – Hate you!

We can and must continue to serve.  Midterms are just around the corner.  Register to vote this week.  Bring your family to register!

On a happier note, a recent trend is the #walkaway movement.  Not familiar?  Older and many young Democrats are walking way from the party.  They joined the Democrat Party because they were against hate, fear mongering, lies and rampant discrimination, etc.  They are now leaving for the same reasons.  The extreme left Demo-Communists are destroying themselves.  Let’s help them do just that. 

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This is David Miller for Special Operations Speaks and Vets in the Fight, have a wonderful week.  De Oppresso Liber.

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