2018 Is Here. Are You Armed With The Facts?

Whether it’s labeled the ‘Deep State’, Resistance or specific groups like Antifa, Indivisible and the Women’s March, the differences are few. Our nation is facing a subversive and dangerous threat to liberty on a regular basis.

To add to the chaos, media outlets continue to protect, promote and endorse the radical groups and individuals behind these labels.

What do some of these terms mean? What is the intent or purpose of these very vocal, militant factions we see multiplying and growing in our country?

Deep State

The Oxford dictionary definition of ‘Deep State’ reads:

“(noun) a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.”

Deep State Supporting Antifa?
A shorter, simpler explanation is that the Deep State is a shadow government made up of civil servants acting individually or in concert. In other words, holdovers from previous administrations meddle and obstruct the current administration. This obstructionism has gone on in politics nearly unchecked since the birth of our nation, yet under we’ve seen the effects of it more vividly under this administration than others in recent memory.

Late Supreme Court Justice Scalia often used an alternative term – the administrative state. This is a blanket term for governmental bureaucracy which unaccountable and has grown exponentially under both Democratic and Republican administrations alike. Scalia’s colleague, Justice Thomas, has argued that the administrative state, and hence the Deep State as well, are inherently incompatible with the separation of powers within our Constitution.

The idea of the ‘Deep State’ has been around a long time. Yet, looking at any number of Left-leaning news outlets, the term ‘Deep State’ seems to be an excuse device created by the Trump administration and its supporters.

“Leaks to reporters. Supposed wiretaps of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. Federal court rulings against the ban on travel and refugee resettlement.

For allies of Trump — aides, politicians and right-wing news sites — these are evidence of the existence of a “deep state,” a secretive, coordinated network inside the government dedicated to undermining the administration.” – LA Times, March 19, 2017

To the credit of the LA Times, they include some history which dates back to the Ottoman Empire and includes the origin of the term, “derin devlet” or deep state.

You’d have to be living under a rock not to see the ‘Deep State’ at work within Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation. An investigation, which by the way, has yet to yield any evidence of collusion committed by Trump or his campaign despite the constant media hype.

What has been revealed is the underbelly of ‘Deep State’ operatives being involved in Mueller’s investigation who viscerally have been opposed to President Trump such as FBI Agent Peter Strzok and the ugly mess with former FBI Director Comey, the DOJ’s Bruce Ohr, the Democrat party, Fusion GPS and the highly suspect ‘Trump Dossier’.

The intent of the ‘Deep State’ as we know it right now is clear: obstruct the current administration and its agenda by any means necessary.

This is also the same intent of the ‘Resistance’.


We’ve all seen references to the ‘Resistance’ on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The ‘resistance’ is specific to the Trump presidency.

As mentioned earlier, a variety of progressive, far-left groups makes up the ‘Resistance’ as it has come to exist over the first year of Donald Trump’s administration. Antifa, Indivisible, BAMN, Refuse Fascism, and the Women’s March are some of the more visible members of the ‘resistance’. We’ve profiled some of these groups here at SOS as part of our continuing series we’ve dubbed “Intel Reports.”

Some of the ‘Resistance’ groups are known quantities such as the ACLU, La Raza, The Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood and other Democrat-friendly organizations. There is big money involved from mega-funders like Tom Steyer who is currently running a multi-million dollar campaign that is attempting to spark an impeachment movement. There is also dark money flowing into socialist, communist and far-leftist non-profits courtesy of dark money king George Soros and his friends at Democracy Alliance.

So what’s the difference between the ‘Deep State’ and the ‘Resistance’?

Where the ‘Deep State’ is nestled within government, the ‘Resistance’ operates mainly on the outside, however, the two are not mutually exclusive and in fact, have overlapped in many areas.

Take for example the Indivisible Guide. This guide was created by former Democratic Congressional staffers, Hillary Clinton State Department and campaign employees with the express purpose of mobilizing progressives in the arena of local level politics.

The full title is The Indivisible Guide: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.

The Indivisible Guide was shared at first as a Google document that left-leaning, progressive activists, and Democrats who were upset by or refused to accept the results of the 2016 election.

Bear in mind, all of the ‘civic’ events the guide proposes are mainly window dressing as evidenced by the opening statement that the Indivisible Guide is about President Trump:

“Donald Trump represents a grave threat to liberal democratic values.”
The Indivisible Guide, which turned into a movement with local chapters in nearly every state, is very clear about who this guide is for — progressive Democrats and anyone who opposes President Trump.

Do not make the mistake that the various ‘Resistance’ groups popping up are organic or unorganized. One glance at the calendar set up for the numerous ‘Resistance’ groups will dispel that thought.

The ‘Deep State’ and the ‘Resistance’ share a goal, which is the to undermine and delegitimize Donald Trump’s Presidency and his administration.

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