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Sharyl Attkisson: When I'd Begin Getting Under Surface of an Obama Scandal, CBS Would Pull Me Off
True Revolt  |  by Jeff Dunetz  |  2014-04-11
"There is unprecedented, I believe, influence on the media, not just the news, but the images you see everywhere. By well-orchestrated and financed campaign of special interests, political interests and corporations. I think all of that comes into play"  Read More...
Hillary Clinton Cancels Appearance Where Benghazi Victim's Mom, Protestors Await
CNS NEWS  |  by Barbara Boland  |  2014-04-11
Hillary Clinton was the planned keynote speaker at the 17th Annual Western Healthcare Leadership Academy in San Diego on April 11 - but she's cancelled her visit in the midst of planned protests from San Diego locals and military families. Read More...
GOP Benghazi Probe Leader Has Huge Conflict Of Interest
Dick Morris  |  by Dick Morris  |  2014-04-08
Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is charged with investigating the adequacy of security at the Benghazi compound prior to the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack. Read More...
Ex-CIA leader Morell denies role in Benghazi ‘cover-up’ during heated Hill hearing  |  by Guy Taylor  |  2014-04-02
A high-level former CIA leader flatly denied allegations on Wednesday that he had “inappropriately altered and influenced” the the now infamous Benghazi talking points to downplay the role of terrorism in the incident by inaccurately playing up the idea that the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks had been born out of a spontaneous protest — and then later “covered up” his actions. Read More...
JW Obtains Documents Revealing Questionable Security Contracting in Benghazi  |  by Judicial Watch  |  2014-04-01
(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that on February 28, it obtained documents from the U.S. Department of State revealing that Blue Mountain Group (BMG), the security firm hired to protect the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, had lost at least two previous private security contracts in Tripoli and was hired despite a warning from the Embassy Acting Regional Security Officer. Read More...
Group Readies Benghazi Report Based on Witness Accounts  |  by Kerry Picket  |  2014-03-26
A private group of national security officials is preparing to release its own report on the Benghazi scandal, with a top official behind the report saying they have interviewed numerous eyewitnesses from before, during, and after the Sept. 11, 2012 attack. Read More...
‘Revolving door’? Ties between consultancy, gov’t raise questions about Benghazi probe  |  by Catherine Herridge  |  2014-03-24
The online bios for its founders and managing directors suggest no group knows more about the Benghazi terrorist attack and the Obama administration's response. Yet the consulting firm has deep ties to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others involved in the controversy – ties so intertwined with the administration and Capitol Hill that they raise questions about an upcoming hearing where former CIA Acting Director Mike Morell is slated to testify. Read More...
Government Investigation Into Benghazi Pretty Much Nonexistent
Townhall  |  by Katie Pavlich  |  Tue, Mar 18, 2014
“What happened in Benghazi is a tragedy. We’re investigating exactly what happened. I take full responsibility for that fact. I send these folks in harm’s way, I want to make sure they’re always safe and when that doesn't happen, that we figure out what happened and make sure that doesn't happen again. But my biggest priority now is bringing those folks to justice and I think the American people have seen that’s a commitment I'll always keep.”  Read More...
Navy SEALs 'feel politicized under Obama'
WND  |  by Greg Corombos  |  Mon, Mar 17, 2014
“The SEALs feel increasingly politicized under the Obama administration. One of the things that we demonstrate is SEALs who have been prosecuted for crimes they didn’t commit, found innocent, but sort of forced into retirement. We’ve seen a record number of retirements from the Navy SEALs. This is something the media is ignoring, but it’s an important story because the SEALs, like our other special forces, are the tip of the spear. They’re the people who are actually out there killing and capturing terrorists,” he said.  Read More...
Is Blocking H. Res 36 for Benghazi a Qualification for GOP Leadership Position?  |  by Stan Hjerleid  |  Fri, Mar 14, 2014
Analyzing the date in this article, it appears that if you are selected by Speaker Boehner for a GOP Leadership position or GOP Chairmanship, one of the qualifications is that you are to support lock-step, anything he proposes. Certainly he has exerted his will on the House leaders to not support H. Res 36 proposed by Rep. Frank Wolf and it seems to be working. Read More...
‘Very upset’: CIA sat on Benghazi investigation, US personnel fuming
Fox News  |  by Adam Housley  |  Fri, Mar 14, 2014
Fox News has also learned that the Senate Committee was told by the CIA that the investigation did not take place because it would interfere with the State Department Accountability Review Board, which was conducted to "examine the facts and circumstances of the attacks." While that review contained major criticism aimed at State Department officials in Washington, it didn't directly mention the CIA. Read More...
CBS Reporter Active in Covering Benghazi, Fast & Furious Announces Surprise Resignation
The Blaze  |  by OIiver Darcy  |  Tue, Mar 11, 2014
“Attkisson, who has been with CBS News for two decades, had grown frustrated with what she saw as the network’s liberal bias, an outsized influence by the network’s corporate partners and a lack of dedication to investigative reporting, several sources said,” Politico reported. “She increasingly felt like her work was no longer supported and that it was a struggle to get her reporting on air.” Read More...

Mission Objectives

Special Operations is a surgical instrument of politics and war.
Special Operations can change the balance or center of gravity on the battlefield.
Special Operations can change the geopolitical center of gravity in public or in secret.
No one foreign or domestic should endanger the secrets, methods or targets of Special Operations.
Because Special Operations is a part of the United States of America’s military, it is accountable to the citizens of our sovereign republic.


We, as veterans and supporters of the Special Operations communities are committed to identifying and combatting the internal and external threats to the sovereignty of the United States of America.


  • Uncover the truth with regard to the Benghazi massacre, to include failed security preparations, intentional abandonment of our citizens in distress and the blatant cover-up surrounding this national tragedy.
  • Protect the rights, benefits and privileges earned by active duty personnel and veterans for their honorable service to and sacrifice for our nation.
  • Support qualified congressional candidates or serving members who support and defend our Constitution.
  • Restore credibility, integrity and honor to the office of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.
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