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Libya: Al-Qaeda-linked Militants Declare Benghazi an 'Islamic Emirate'
Yahoo! News  |  by Vasudevan Sridharan  |  2014-07-31
The extremist group Ansar al-Sharia has declared Benghazi an "Islamic Emirate" after claiming total control of Libya's second largest city. Read More...
Head of Benghazi probe says no witnesses off limits, including Clinton
Fox News  |  by Catherine Herridge  |  2014-07-30
The Republican head of the Benghazi Select Committee warned Tuesday that no witnesses would be off limits in its upcoming probe and that he would consider going to court, if necessary, to compel testimony. Read More...
Senate approves Robert McDonald for VA
Politico  |  by Lauren French  |  2014-07-30
The Senate on Tuesday approved President Barack Obama’s nominee to lead the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs. Read More...
Purple Heart veterans catching more than fish in Ashtabula excursion  |  by Brian Albrecht, The Plain Dealer  |  2014-07-29
Eight veterans who were awarded Purple Hearts during their military service will go fishing for more than Lake Erie walleye in an Aug. 1-4 excursion from Ashtabula. Read More...
Lawmakers to announce tentative deal on bill to overhaul troubled VA
FoxNews  |  by  |  2014-07-28
The leaders of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees are planning to unveil a tentative deal on Monday on legislation meant to improve veterans' health care and tackle the litany of scandalous problems at the VA. Read More...
World’s tallest flag pole erected in Sheboygan Co.  |  by Cary Docter  |  2014-07-25
Acuity has erected the world’s largest flag pole on its property. Read More...
Live World War II military round washes ashore on popular Cape Cod beach
FoxNews  |  by  |  2014-07-25
A live World War II military round has been destroyed after it was found on a popular Cape Cod beach. Read More...
Is this how the Benghazi talking points were developed?
American Action News  |  by Brendan Bordelon, The Daily Caller  |  2014-07-24
Two top government watchdogs in Washington D.C. slammed a key aide to Secretary of State John Kerry for using a private Gmail account to conduct official government business. Read More...
U.S. Memorial Honoring Injured Veterans Under Way in DC
ABC News  |  by AP  |  2014-07-23
"I think it will bring it home for visitors. I think it will give people a better understanding of how somebody's life is forever changed and really help them understand the sacrifice a little bit more." Read More...
Sources: Militia blamed for Benghazi attack moved next door to US consulate before strike
Fox News  |  by Adam Housley  |  2014-07-22
“We warned D.C. about the guys who moved in next door, but nobody knew what to do and nothing was done,” Read More...
VA snubs veteran, so three Lowe’s workers fix his wheelchair
The New York Post  |  by Frank Rosario & Sophia Rosenbaum  |  2014-07-22
These Staten Island Lowe’s workers deserve a medal.
Even when the VA does act, it’s still failing our veterans
The Washington Post  |  by Tully Mackay-Tisbert  |  2014-07-21
Jymm is a Vietnam veteran (who holds two Purple Hearts), and he’s definitely a character. But he’s never hurt himself or anyone else. Read More...

Mission Objectives

Special Operations is a surgical instrument of politics and war.
Special Operations can change the balance or center of gravity on the battlefield.
Special Operations can change the geopolitical center of gravity in public or in secret.
No one foreign or domestic should endanger the secrets, methods or targets of Special Operations.
Because Special Operations is a part of the United States of America’s military, it is accountable to the citizens of our sovereign republic.


We, as veterans and supporters of the Special Operations communities are committed to identifying and combatting the internal and external threats to the sovereignty of the United States of America.


  • Uncover the truth with regard to the Benghazi massacre, to include failed security preparations, intentional abandonment of our citizens in distress and the blatant cover-up surrounding this national tragedy.
  • Protect the rights, benefits and privileges earned by active duty personnel and veterans for their honorable service to and sacrifice for our nation.
  • Support qualified congressional candidates or serving members who support and defend our Constitution.
  • Restore credibility, integrity and honor to the office of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.
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