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The Baathist Phoenix
Frontpage Mag  |  by Ken Timmerman  |  2015-04-23
The alleged killing on Friday of a former henchman of Hussein could have far reaching consequences for the US. Read More...
Frat Boys Allegedly Taunted Vets, Urinated on Flag, Spat on Service Dog
Fox News  |  by  |  2015-04-24
A group of fraternity members are under investigation after accusations that they taunted wounded warriors and urinated on an American flag. Read More...
University of Maryland cancels ‘American Sniper’ after Muslim students complain
Fox News  |  by Todd Starnes  |  2015-04-23
The University of Maryland announced it will postpone indefinitely an upcoming screening of “American Sniper” after Muslim students protested. Read More...

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