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Green Berets reveal Afghan National Army soldiers’ incompetence
Washington Times  |  by Rowan Scarborough  |  2014-10-26
Elite Army Green Berets are knocking the performance of the Afghan National Army, telling war tales of its soldiers hiding and quitting the fight. Read More...
New video claims American air-dropped arms under ISIS control
 |  by  |  Tue, Oct 21, 2014
At least one bundle of U.S. weapons airdropped in Syria appears to have fallen into the hands of ISIS, a dangerous misfire in the American mission to speed aid to Kurdish forces making their stand in Kobani. Read More...
Benghazi raid 'ringleader' pleads not guilty
BBC News  |  by  |  2014-10-20
The suspected ringleader of the September 2012 raid on a US diplomatic post in the Libyan city of Benghazi has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Read More...

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