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An Ode to Our Commander-in-Chief
SOS  |  by Francis Cleary  |  2014-12-22
Twas the night before Christmas, and our country's a mess Thanks to a President who has spent to excess. Read More...
Judicial Watch Dismantles Another Benghazi Cover-Up  |  by Tom Fitton  |  2014-12-16
After seven months, the House Benghazi Select Committee held its second hearing recently. We monitor its proceedings closely. The Select Committee’s very existence is because of our uncovering of a key White House Benghazi scandal cover-up email.  Read More...
Benghazi: An Ongoing Intelligence Failure
Weekly Standard  |  by Stephen F. Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn  |  2014-12-16
What follows are the opening paragraphs of Stephen F. Hayes' and Thomas Joscelyn's important new report on the ongoing intelligence failures surrounding the tragedy in Benghazi and the politics in Washington that today still prevent the American public from getting a full and honest accounting of the events of that fateful night, September 11, 2012. Read More...

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