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Trump: Sgt. Berghdal Would've Been Shot ’30 Years Ago’ For Being A ‘No Good Traitor’
Breitbart  |  by Edwin Mora  |  2015-10-08
Sgt. Bergdahl, who was subsequently captured by the Taliban for five years after leaving his pose in Afghanistan. Read More...
John Kerry Predicts Millions Of ‘Climate Refugees’ Will Need Special Status
Breitbart  |  by Charlie Spiering  |  2015-10-08
Kerry described climate refugees as people who had to leave their homes because of drought, rising sea levels, and thawing permafrost. Read More...
Rep. Trey Gowdy: We’re Breaking New Ground
USA Today  |  by Trey Gowdy  |  2015-10-07
This Benghazi committee has interviewed 41 witnesses no other committee interviewed. Read More...

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