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Increased Military Spending Wins Out After Dueling Budget Votes in House
New York Times  |  by Jonathon Weisman  |  2015-03-25
The triumph for more military spending was an anomaly in the budget blueprint, which would cut spending $5.5 trillion over the next decade. Read More...
Desertion or Confusion? The Bergdahl Case
S.O.S.  |  by R.J. Del Vecchio  |  2015-03-27
There is no question that PFC Bergdahl walked off the base of his own will, so what is to be determined is how to judge his motivations. Read More...
Boy Honoring Brother With Military Haircut Forced by School to Shave It Off
Fox17  |  by  |  2015-03-26
A military style haircut earned seven-year-old Adam Stinnett a trip to the principal's office at Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School in McMinnville. Read More...

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