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Alert: Hillary Clinton agrees to testify before Benghazi committee
The Washington Times  |  by Special Operations Speaks  |  2015-05-04
Breaking news regarding Hillary Clinton's attempt to cover up her role in the Benghazi attacks. Read More...
Hillary Clinton's final trip as secretary of state highlighted conflicts
The Washington Examiner  |  by Sarah Westwood  |  2015-05-03
Hillary Clinton was honored with a major award by a Clinton Foundation donor at a ceremony promoted by controversial consulting firm Teneo Strategies during her final official trip as secretary of state. Read More...
Biden: 'Path has already been paved' to Iranian bomb
The Washington Examiner  |  by Charles Hoskinson  |  2015-05-01
Critics have noted that this is an apparent backing down from Obama's position that he would not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. Read More...

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