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SOS Stewardship

Special Operations Speaks (SOS) is a PAC founded on June 5, 2012 that consists of largely unpaid volunteers (veterans and concerned citizens) who believe in the principles upon which our nation was founded.

If you go to our website ( you will see that our goals are:
  • To emphasize the pressing need for the nation and its representatives to understand the value of our Constitution and actively support a return to its application in all phases of government;
  • To illuminate the failed operational security environment of the Administration and to provide the public with accurate information about these repeated releases of highly classified information;
  • To restore accountability in government and with it the trust in our government that We the People deserve and demand.
With the exception of our legal counsel (every PAC must have this in order to ensure strict compliance with the law of the land) and our political advisory firm in Washington D.C. that maintains our website, produces products, and provides advice on a wide variety of political topics surrounding our mission, we are all unpaid volunteers. We have sacrificed our money, our time and our energies (including family life) over the past year to meet the goals listed above. As of late we have been focused on uncovering the truth and exposing the cover-up of the national tragedy that occurred in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

In addition to the above support services and  to answer your question as to other specifics as to what donations made to SOS are used for, they are as follows:
  • SOS buys advertising to reach millions of Americans every week on the internet, TV, radio and/or social media to support candidates and issues.
  • Design, operation, upgrade and maintenance of our SOS website (
  • Travel expenses for our senior staff to TV studios and/or radio stations to participate in broadcast operations (such as FOX News).
  • Production costs (these are NOT cheap) for short SOS videos, ads and animations. See our website, upper right, “Leaks, Lies, Libya and Lack of Leadership.”
  • Attendance fees and display costs (booths) at major functions such as the CPAC and Shot Show. 
  • Occasional donations for conservative political candidates that support our cause – all within the legal limits dictated by our governing PAC regulations.

We are a relatively small PAC whose operational expenses are minimal. Every SOS dollar is spent judiciously and in support of our core mission.

Only through the contributions from our SOS supporters nationwide are we able to continue our mission and we would encourage you to join us by contributing to our cause in whatever amount you can afford and feel is appropriate… for the sake of our country.   


Dick Brauer, Col, USAF (Ret)
Air Commando Component Coordinator
Special Operations Speaks

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Support SOS: Please click here to support Special Operations Speaks PAC.

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