SOS Phone Banking for Military Voters

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This effort would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors

Everyday our soldiers risk their lives to make this country safer. They fight to protect our civil liberties and safeguard our rights. One of those basic rights is the right to vote. Your vote is your voice. While our troops are stationed away from their homes, it's only fair that we extend to them that same basic right to vote. Military voters must be given accurate and timely access to absentee ballots.

However, Eric Holder's Department of Justice has refused to stand up for those who serve our country. The 2009 Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act guaranteed the voting rights of deployed military, and Attorney General Holder's Justice Department continues to let them down and won’t even monitor compliance with this law! We cannot allow America's bravest to be disenfranchised from the fundamental rights they protect.

Special Operations Speaks (SOS) has partnered with the National Defense PAC and the Tea Party Leadership Fund to launch an online platform to allow you to call from home and contact just a few of the thousands of local election officials responsible for sending out these ballots by Saturday, Sept 20.  A little of your time – and that of many other volunteers – will help identify those jurisdictions that are and are not complying with the law, and allow us to take action to defend military voting rights.