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Molon LabeWhereas, our veterans are trusted with military weapons in the presence of their officers and fellow soldiers while risking their lives to protect our Constitution, to defend our liberty, and our country abroad;

Whereas, our veterans are trusted to DEFEND our Country and our Liberty abroad while being denied the Right to DEFEND their Home;

Whereas, members of both political parties and President Obama are exploiting the Newtown tragedy to promote their gun-grabbing legislation and are specifically targeting veterans;

Whereas, due to executive actions already in effect, more than 150,000 veterans have had their names added to the National Instance Criminal Background, Check System (or NICS, as it’s commonly known);

Whereas, these veterans have not brandished a weapon at anyone or committed a gun-related crime, nor were they heard swearing violent intent;
Whereas, the President has ushered in a new era of information sharing between federal agencies directing Attorney General Eric Holder to decide who he deems to be “mentally defective” and what information he will relinquish to NCIS in order to block our veterans from arming themselves;

Whereas, nearly 30% of our veterans return diagnosed with PTSD, now finding themselves in the crosshairs of the gun control lobby, all it takes is for one of Eric Holder’s decrees to include PTSD to label our veterans as a danger to society;

Whereas, if the gun control liberals get their way, many veterans will avoid diagnosis and treatment of PTSD to avoid having their Constitutional right to bear arms taken from them;

Therefore, we the undersigned demand that Congress stand up to the gun grabbers and afford our veterans the rights at home they so bravely fight to protect abroad, and sign this EMERGENCY PETITION to Protect Veterans’ Gun Rights.