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No effort is too small, no effort is too large...but some efforts may be too late.

My fellow former Special Operations officers and NCO’s and I have, in essence, come out of retirement one more time to strap on the gear and fulfill our oaths. We are already working with key Senate and House leaders to demand full congressional hearings into the Obama intelligence leaks.

And we’re prepared to launch a nationwide media blitz – TV ads, radio ads, news releases,  and personal appearances throughout the country – to make sure the American people learn the full truth about Barack Obama’s war on America’s military.

I can promise you: We won’t rest until the job is done. That’s not our way.

But, to do all of this – and more – SOS needs your help today. The truth is, we can’t do it without you. You are our back-up. You are our supply line.So, I urge you, please Join Operation Street Corner today to volunteer your time and efforts to defeat Barack Obama in November.

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Join Operation Street Corner Today!
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