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SITREP 21 OCT 17: Communism in a Service Academy

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While we stood guard in remote places, Progressives dismantled our most critical institutions.

Good afternoon Vets in the Fight, this is David Miller with your weekly Special Operations Speaks Vets in the Fight SITREP.

This week we’ll put to bed (for now) the West Point discourse and the VA crumbling. First things first, however.  The ongoing political battle over the tragic death of SGT LaDavid Johnson in Niger has the stench of a self-serving ego bent on propping up an otherwise obscure career.  Not a friend to veteran’s causes over the years, Rep Wilson has voted against several issues near to our hearts including VA reform and death benefits to the families of fallen soldiers in Afghanistan.  We say:  STOP!  Stop using our fallen brothers as political cannon fodder.  Stop standing on our backs to propel yourselves onto center stage like a “rock star”.  Serve our country or get out of the way. The strategic point to this is the understanding of the concerted effort to undermine the Commander-in-Chief at every turn.  We certainly cannot say that we agree every decision the President makes but we DO believe his interest in and appreciation of our men and women in uniform, and his belief in the Constitution on which our society is based.  Congresswoman Wilson is a glaring reminder of one of SOS’s fundamental tenets:  that honorable veterans run for and serve in public office.  All but a very, very few of us have served in anonymity and inherently understand selfless service unlike the glory hogs that all too often have managed to worm their way into a position of power.  If we are to regain lost ground, we must be engaged in every arena, including politics.

West Point Superintendent LTG Robert L Caslen, Jr, did quite well in defending the honor of the institution but nowhere in his letter did he delve into the matter of an avowed communist graduating the Academy.  This is not a case of academic or physical standards not being met, it is one of fundamental values.  The values that guide one’s actions throughout life.  Communism is, by definition, the antithesis to a Constitutional Republic.  This is no small matter and still must be addressed.  Again, SOS recommends outside inspection of the ways and means of all our critical military academies.  This is far too important an issue to be allowed to be quietly swept under a rug.

As for the Veterans Administration.  While whistleblowers have more, much needed, protection, and poorly performing or outright inept employees are more easily dismissed, there is much to be done still.  Employee unions often stand in the way of improvements in efficiency, siting protection of the employee and done for the sake of the rank and file and not the veterans they are supposed to be serving.  May we remind all in government service of two frightening words:  Public Servant.  Working in the public sector is not about status, self-empowerment or financial gain.  It is about service.  In the VA’s case, service to those who oftentimes can no longer take care of themselves.  Duty, honor, country:  It’s not such a difficult concept.

During such difficult times as these, when our Nation is under siege, we believe it is important to cast light on victories and the people that make them possible.  Two examples:

First: President Donald Trump will award the Medal of Honor to Capt. Gary Rose on Monday, Oct. 23 3pm EST, at the White House. Rose will be awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic acts during the Vietnam War while serving as a combat medic.  

Second, actually a three-fer: 

Jason Zaidement and Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” fame.  Jason founded Operation Combat Bikesaver after he watched his father, a Vietnam War vet, struggle with PTSD. Bikesaver’s mission; to breathe new life into tarnished motorcycles using the skills of vets to give back to others suffering in a brotherhood of unity, targeting relief to the chaos of one's own mind.  Mike traveled to Indiana to meet up with Jason. Zaidement believed Rowe was simply profiling him for a new web series “Returning the Favor”. Rowe was really there to return the favor. He surprised Zaidement with equipment for his shop, one year's worth of rent and a new coat of paint. Additionally, The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association presented the shop with $17,500.  Though they may seem small victories, it is people like Jason Zaidement, Mike Rowe and the members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association that embody the American Spirit and the sense of service that we, as veterans, share.  A sharp SOS salute to them all.

This is David Miller for an ever ready, Special Operations Speaks and Vets in the Fight, wishing you a safe and blessed week ahead.

De Oppresso Liber.

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