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Vet In The Fight: Ivan Raiklin for U.S. Senate

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Special Operations Speaks has been continuously highlighting the efforts of our Veterans from all over the country who still live by their military oaths and believe in serving their country in any way they can.

SOS coined the term Vets in the Fight® to describe and support just such individuals. Today, we're spotlighting a former Green Beret who is seeking a U.S. Senate seat in Virginia.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Ivan Raiklin.

His social media profile denotes that he is a former Green Beret, a lawyer, an entrepreneur | father and husband and a former Military Diplomat & Intel Officer.

Ivan Raiklin has been working as an adviser and investor for various startup companies which include Arka, a packaging design company, and CoolChip Technologies, an outfit on the cusp of “revolutionizing cooling technology” for consumer based electronics.

He can speak multiple languages - English, Russian, Spanish and some Arabic and French. Ivan is also an avid runner – a passion that Raiklin turned into a platform to raise awareness on the subject of Veteran suicide.

In 2017, Raiklin ran 22 miles a day for 81 days straight for a symbolic 1776 miles.



Along with his parents, his brother, and two sisters, Raiklin's family escaped the Soviet Union in 1974. He is the youngest of the four and was born in America. Raiklin is a family man and has two children of his own.

Raiklin's campaign website says that the “sole goal in his career has been serving the country that welcomed his family with open arms, saving them from the political and religious discrimination in the Soviet Union.”

Ivan attended and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army where he became a Green Beret and has served for 20 years.

He holds a B.A. in Russian, Spanish; Russia and East European Studies and also has a J.D.
Raiklin attended the Strategic Intelligence program at the Defense Intelligence Agency.

His resume as a Green Beret is extremely impressive and includes the following operational assignments:


  • New York City-Post 9/11 Support

  • Afghanistan-Advanced Operating Base (AOB) Executive Officer-partnered with Afghanis to counter the Taliban

  • Republic of Georgia-Assistant Army Attache-Worked with the Georgians to counter Russian aggression, before it was en vogue to do so the second time around. (circa 2007)

  • Bolivia-Pre-Advance to Secretary of Defense Visit

  • El Salvador-Special Forces Detachment Commander-Led a team that trained El Salvador's tier 1 Military and Police units to countering MS13.

  • Ukraine Crisis Team, Joint Staff, Pentagon-As a foreign affairs specialist

  • AFPAK Hands Program Deputy Officer in Charge, Army Staff, Pentagon

  • Jordan-Special Operations Command-Forward AOB Commander-Deployed as the Commander of ODB 9530, Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA)s & other MARSOC, AFSOC elements.

  • Commanded the Foreign Internal Defense force that trained and advised the Jordanian Special Operations Command in Special Operations along with other U.S. allied forces & agencies to counter threats in the region.

  • Texas-Hurricane Harvey Search and Rescue, Humanitarian Aid Delivery.

Recently, Raiklin was endorsed by another Senate Candidate in Missouri, Courtland Sykes:


Sykes outlines three reasons he believes Ivan Raiklin is the right candidate for the job – He's a fighter, he'll bring the voters voices to the U.S. Senate, and that he has a big heart with an abundance of sincerity and compassion that is much needed in Washington D.C. today.

For more information on Raiklin Sykes, visit these websites:

To donate to Ivan's campaign and help this Vet In the Fight out, visit his donation portal.

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