The Obama Administration Dismantling US National Power

Special Operations Speaks votes “No Confidence” in this administration!

Special Operations Speaks condemns the dismantling of our Military while upgrading the militant forces of the jihadists.  We condemn the media for its culpability in the active dis-informing and demoralizing of the American people. We condemn the deliberate dismantling of American diplomatic image, credibility, and its hard-won standing as a bona fide champion for good around the world for the past century. We urge our flag officers, in uniform and retired, to step up to the plate and be counted … just as many of their warrior privates have done in these past days … as they witness the daily dismantling of the Republic that has granted them the ‘special trust and confidence’ of the American People. 

Special Operations Speaks votes “No Confidence” in this administration and in its destructive policies.

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