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Special Operations Speaks To Bob Beckel: Say It To My Face

From: Special Operations Speaks
To: Press
Re: SOS memo to Bob Beckel

Contact: Alex Rosenwald
(571) 282-7954

Special Operations Speaks to Bob Beckel:

Say it to my face.

Yesterday, Fox News’ “The Five” ran a segment on the military members who are taking action against President Barack Obama and his administration for their deliberate, continuing national-security leaks that are endangering the lives of the military men and women who serve and protect the United States of America. In that segment, liberal smear artist Bob Beckel defended the Obama White House’s intentional release of highly sensitive and highly classified security information:

"The idea to suggest that the President of the United States would leak intelligence information, jeopardizing people in the field is close to treason," Beckel said. “If I were them – I assume they are out of the military now – they ought to take their benefits and go home.”

As honorably discharged and retired veterans of the Special Operations communities of all the Armed Forces and their supporters, whose mission in forming Special Operations Speaks is to illuminate the failed operational security environment of the current presidential administration, we find Bob Beckel’s commentary slanderous, insulting and appalling.

Yes Bob, we are indeed “out” of military uniform, but as private citizens in civilian mufti, we are no less dedicated to protect, defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States than we were when we first swore to do so when we entered military service and then honorably served our nation. Bob, we are home and one of the “benefits” we enjoy, like you, is freedom of speech under the First Amendment of our sacred Constitution.

To essentially accuse retired Special Operators like ourselves – who dutifully and proudly committed our lives to our country’s service – of treason is to effectively spit upon those military men and women and their families who defended and often died to preserve Beckel’s liberty to say such a heinous thing in the first place. Beckel’s comments are not just overtly disrespectful; they are transparently disdainful of the sacrifices that the American military and their loved ones have made on his behalf.

Fox News, in its misguided attempt to be fair and balanced, has defaulted on its obligation to its audience by continuing to tolerate Beckel’s twisted and bloviated commentary. As such, we demand that Beckel be dismissed forthwith and apologize for his remarks.

On the plus side, Beckel’s comments, however, have only strengthened the resolve of Special Operations Speaks and like military groups who stand united in a mission to stop the White House leaks for personal political gain. To use Beckel’s own comparison, if Beckel was worried about the Swift Boats in 2004, then the combined efforts of Special Operations Speaks, OPSEC and other like-minded Special Operations fraternal organizations will seem like “Swiftboating on Steroids” during this critical 2012 presidential election. Be afraid Bob . . . be very afraid.

As such, Special Operations Speaks will continue speaking out against the Obama White House’s intentional release of national-security information for political gain, and we will not allow yellow hacks like Bob Beckel to deter us from restoring government accountability and a return to the guiding principles upon which our Republic was founded.

To schedule interviews with Dick Brauer or Larry Bailey, co-founders of Special Operations Speaks (SOS), contact Alex Rosenwald at (571) 282-7954 or

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