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Special Operations Speaks: Release Brandon Raub Immediately

From: Special Operations Speaks
To: Press
Re: Release Brandon Raub Immediately

Interview Contact: Alex Rosenwald
(571) 282-7954

Special Operations Speaks:

Release Brandon Raub Immediately

Brandon Raub, a 26-year-old former Marine who completed tours of Iraq and Afghanistan and lives in Chesterfield, Va., was recently arrested and forcibly committed to a psychiatric facility for mental evaluation by a court based solely on controversial Facebook postings, which took the form of song lyrics, political messages and virtual card games.

Now, the court has ordered Raub to be transferred to a psychiatric ward more than three hours away from his family and friends after Special Justice Walter Douglass Stokes of the General District Court for the City of Hopewell, Va., denied an emergency motion filed by the Rutherford Institute, which is serving as counsel for Raub, to stop the forcible transfer and detainment.

Although details surrounding these circumstances are still surfacing, so far, the only “crime” that Brandon Raub is guilty of is exercising his First Amendment freedom of speech.

He has broken no laws and he has hurt no person; nor does he have a history of mental health problems or ever exhibited symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. In other words, he is no different from any other person who has used Facebook or any other social-media platform to share political sentiments of a hyperbolic nature with family and friends.

Without committing a crime, Raub has been detained in a psychiatric ward and isolated from his family against his will; these actions taken against him resist every constitutional principle that our country was founded upon.

If government officials have now been granted the authority to knock on anyone’s door, grab them and lock them up merely for suspecting criminal activity, then this is the advent of the police state. This unconstitutional treatment of Brandon Raub harkens back to the day when the USSR and communist slave states used forcible committal as a tactic to make state dissidents suddenly “disappear.”

But Special Operations Speaks will not disappear. As former Special Operators who have spent their entire adult lives learning to never leave a man behind, we will not rest until we see substantial critical evidence that Brandon Raub engaged in criminal activity. Until we see such evidence, we demand that Brandon Raub be released immediately.

To schedule an interview with Larry Bailey, co-founder of Special Operations Speaks (SOS), contact Alex Rosenwald at (571) 282-7954 or

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