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SOS Political Director's exchange with Rep. Frank Wolf during AIM Benghazi conference about Discharge Petition.

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 SOS Political Director Larry Ward:

Thank you for speaking today, and thank you for offering House Resolution 36, this is a very important resolution. We do need a Watergate style Select Committee and I do agree that if Congress does not act that they are then complicit in the cover up. My question is about the Discharge Petition that Steve Stockman issued to basically promote and to go around Boehner in terms of getting it to the floor because Boehner has blocked it, and said he won’t move it and is digging in his heels. So it doesn’t matter that we have all 434 other members of congress that signed on to House Resolution 36. It doesn’t matter, because Boehner’s not going to move it. What we need are 218 members of Congress to sign the Discharge Petition to go around Boehner and to bring this measure to the floor. That’s the initiative, and right now I’m starting to feel like H. Res 36 is being used as a fig leaf so that members can essentially say “I’m supporting Benghazi,” but if they don’t back it up by signing the Discharge Petition, they are essentially saying “I believe in fighting for Benghazi, the Select Committee for Benghazi, but not enough to buck the leadership.”

Rep. Frank Wolf:

I, I disagree with you. If you think that H Res 36 is a fig leaf, then, man, we are on a totally different page. I have spoken out about it, and I’m not involved in fig leaves.

SOS Political Director Larry Ward:

I’m not saying that…

Rep. Frank Wolf:

Now, I just, I just wanted to answer your question because, because I appreciate what you’ve done but it should be said, it’s not a fig leaf, and if you talk to speaker Boehner he doesn’t need the fig leaf either. We’re pushing. We’re pushing and pushing.

Secondly, as far as I welcomed the Discharge Petition, I’ve got to give it to you straight, I can’t, I think, you remember the saying, “some of my friends are for it, some of my friends are against it, I’m with Boehner…

The honest reality is it’s never going to go and the reason its never going to go is because there are many members who have an institutional bias against signing a discharge petition. Whether that’s right or wrong that’s just the reality of it and its a process, and so, for us to put all our efforts, and I appreciate the people who are doing it, to put it on that when it’s at three when we’re at 174 and it’s not a fig leaf. And the speaker, we get to 218, and he doesn’t do it, we’re going to get up in conference and say “Mr. Speaker, the conference has spoken!” So, it’s not a fig leaf, it’s a real thing and their concern with the discharge is if we go back, we go back and put emphasis on that, and that only gets to 45, or 55, or 75, or 105, people say “well, there is a diminishing effort.” So, the HRes is the way to go. And I understand how, how others could feel that but, being in The House, I know enough, I know many members that have even said that they will never sign a discharge petition. And so, therefore, your all’s message is sort of weakened. Good effort if you want to do it. I think the way is to get HRes 36 and ask all those who are no longer on it “Why are you not on it after one year?” We can understand maybe not being on it for the first month or the second month or the third month or fourth, but one year? And there are more questions! All the families felt so far; Mr. Woods, favors the Select Committee Sean, Pat Smith, The Doherty Family, you’ve got all of them, so, The Wall Street Journal, so I think all the effort has been focused, and if we remove that to the discharge, I think it’ll look like there’s less interest.

SOS Political Director Larry Ward:

And here’s, may I just add also that…

Rep. Frank Wolf:


SOS Political Director Larry Ward:

And On special Operation Speaks, Which I’m the Political Director of, also on the same page, they believe we need a Select Committee. The challenge is, you get to 218 and bash them over Boehner’s head and he’s still not going to do it.

Rep Frank Wolf:

Well, I think, I think he will, uh…

SOS Political Director Larry Ward:

Ok, Well, he hasn’t done it so far. 176 is a majority of the majority. We have enough members to bang over Boehners head. We put billboards in his district that stated: “If four members of congress had been murder in Benghazi, would we have a select committee today?” And there’s still been no movement to push a Select Committee from Boehner’s office. I heard, and this is, I’m going to break this right now, I had a conversation with--Colonel Dick Brauer I’m going to back you up--I had a conversation with one of John Boehner’s top staffers and he said in the conversation, we went back and forth about the Select Committee, the standing committees will do the job, and, we went back and forth and he said, “You’ve got to understand something, the Standing Committees are there for attention and press.” And I look up at him incredulously and I said, “They are there for the truth, and they can’t get to the truth with this issue.” And, he turned around and threw up his hands and said, “That’s Washington!”

Colonel Dick Brauer:

Kabuki’s true story!

SOS Political Director Larry Ward:

Boehner is not going to move it. So, if you don’t get behind the Discharge Petition- I’m talking to you and to all the other members of Congress- If you don’t get behind the discharge petition- and you just sign it, so what if you don’t think it’ll go anywhere? Sign it! Back up your own resolution. That’s what we’re asking for. Thank you.

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