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Military Right to Vote: Who Determines It?

If one were asked which element of American society had the greatest moral right to vote, what would your answer be? 

Would it be Big Business?  No. 

How about Big Labor?  Get serious. 

The educational establishment?  Are you kidding? 

The media?  Ha!

The unemployed?  Not a chance. 

Politicians?  Hardly.

There is no doubt that it would be the United States military.  Of all the societal groups who have earned the right to vote--who have paid a measurable price to vote--the military stands head-and-shoulders above the rest.  And yet it seems that the Obama machine, rather than putting the interests of the military voter where they should be--at the head of the line--actively works to minimize the vote of those men and women who have proved their loyalty to the nation and their adherence to its Constitution.

For shame, President Obama!  Not content to force the military to accept more than its fair share of balancing the budget, you and your minions are ACTIVELY seeking to depress the military vote.

Case in point: the Democratic National Committee has filed suit to prevent the state of Ohio from enforcing bipartisan-passed legislation permitting active-duty military personnel to vote three days longer than their civilian counterparts.  THREE DAYS!  The DNC holds that it gives military personnel an unfair advantage over other voters in exercising their rights in this critical battleground state!  This is no accident; it is part of a long-running Democratic campaign of skewing the vote to their advantage by (1) enabling non-existent (read: dead) or ineligible citizens (and non-citizens) to vote; and (2) suppressing the votes of those the Democratic godfathers suspect will hinder their prospects of victory.

What could possibly be unfair about allowing a paltry three days more for our valiant soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines to fulfill their obligations as citizen-warriors?  In a word, nothing, and all of America should, and will, rise up in protest against this blatant vote-stealing ploy.

And now comes word of another example of the disrespect which our Commander-in-Chief has for the military.  Just in the past several days has come news of the crass manipulation of the nation's highest award--the Medal of Honor--for reasons that can only be inferred as being political.  What is known at the moment may be found here: < >

It is unconscionable for Captain Swenson's recommendation for the MOH, which came directly from the field, to become the subject of political tugs of war.  Our soldiers deserve to have the assurance that their civilian superiors will accept the military's input at face value and see to it that such valor as exhibited by Captain Swenson and CPL Meyer is recognized all the way from the battlefield to the White House.  So far, Captain Swenson's case is lacking that recognition.

America deserves better.  Our military men and women deserve better.

And they will get it.  SOS represents all America in making that happen.

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