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ARENDS: Obama failing military voters

President Obama is the first and only commander-in-chief in the history of the republic to petition a federal court with a claim that allowing the men and women who serve under his command three extra days to vote in-person by absentee ballot is a violation of the Constitution.

The former constitutional law professor’s campaign has brought suit and filed a formal legal complaint with a federal judge in the key swing state of Ohio that asserts there is no “legitimate justification” for giving members of the military extra time for early voting. In that same complaint, the president’s campaign argues at least 20 times that the Ohio legislature had no good reason to extend reasonable voting accommodations to military voters and that the law is unconstitutional.

Why is Mr. Obama unable or unwilling to “discern” why members of the active duty military need extra time to vote? After serving as commander in chief of the military for the past three-and-half years, Americans would expect this wartime president and former constitutional law professor to understand the practical and legal reasons why the men and women of the United States military should be afforded reasonable voting accommodations. In Orloff v. Willoughby, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized that, “the military constitutes a specialized community governed by a separate discipline from that of the civilian.” Each of the armed services strictly regulates how and where members of the military conduct their daily activities and as such their ability to vote, along with many other activities, is restricted in ways unlike civilian voters.

The Supreme Court elaborated on the highly regimented lives of those serving on active duty in the military in Middendorf v. Henry:

“It is common knowledge that military life differs significantly from civilian life. Soldiers, Sailors and Marines are not free to come and go as they please. They do not make up their own work hours. They do not choose the locations of their jobs. They do not choose what clothes they will wear to work, or even how they will wear those clothes Military life — as a matter of functionality, necessity and national security — is one of regimented, controlled, ordered existence.”

Read the original article at The Washington Times

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