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The Obama campaign is twisting the truth into political pretzels in attempting to make its candidate appear to be a tough guy in the terror wars. Trying to remake the public image of a pol famous for voting present into that of a steely-eyed, cold-blooded leader of hunter/killer teams of special operators who seek out and destroy those who would bring harm to our innocents is a difficult task that just became more so. That's because a bunch of genuine tough guys are coming together to combat the sham campaign of that wannabee warrior in the White House.

Retired Navy SEAL, Captain Larry Bailey, a pivotal player in the debunking of John Kerry's ego-embellished war record back in 2004, is putting together an election year organization made up of bona fide special operators, past and present, who are not happy with the efforts of our counterfeit commander-in-chief to cloak himself in their special mystique. Very few SEALs achieve that  rank or position. They are truly the creme de la creme.

Unlike the all-Navy Swift Boat Veterans who torpedoed Kerry's Vietnamese junk, Bailey's new military organization, Special Operations Speaks, is a multi-service outfit with chapters from the Navy's SEALs, the Army's Rangers and Green Berets, the Air Force's Air Commandos, the Marine Corp's Force Recon,  and the newest group of special operators, USMC's MARSOC, Marine Special Operations Command. There's also participation by veterans of all services and their families.

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