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1976: Rick Monday's save of the American Flag, Dodger's Stadium

Happy Fourth of July!

Though I share Roger Simon’s gloom about the state of the nation. Skipping lightly over the heavyweight matters of the hour, on the simplest level I just didn’t have the heart today to go to a replay of the small town Independence Day Parade we went to last year — which featured firetrucks, tractors and a congressman throwing candy to the kids, but amid the thumping rock and disco music somehow neglected to include a single patriotic song. No God Bless America, no Yankee Doodle, no Star-Spangled Banner.  None of those stirring words, “Stand beside her, and guide her,” no reminders to “Let Freedom Ring.” No moment when the crowd stood to attention to honor the astounding creation of this republic, Land of the Free, and the immense bounty that has flowed from its founding principles, that we are endowed not by the government, but by our Creator, with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Did they forget? Do they not care?

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