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Special Operations Speaks PAC Endorses Shak Hill For U.S. Senate

Special Operations Speaks  |  by  |  2014-05-21
WASHINGTON – Special Operations Speaks PAC, an organization that represents over 1,000 Special Operations veterans, was at the forefront of the push for appointment of a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi cover-up and organized the powerful, barricade-busting Million Vet March at the WWII Memorial, proudly endorses Shak Hill in the U.S. Senate race in Virginia. Read More...

Special Operations Speaks Calls Stockman Endorsement ‘Perhaps The Easiest We’ll Ever Make’

SOS  |  by SOS  |  Thu, Dec 12, 2013
Calling this “perhaps the easiest endorsement we’ll ever make,” Special Operations Speaks, the group of Special Operations veterans and their supporters who push for truth in Benghazi and elsewhere, has endorsed Rep. Steve Stockman in his bid to unseat Sen. John Cornyn in the 2014 Republican primary in Texas. Read More...

Special Operations Speaks Applauds the Hillary Heckler

SOS  |  by SOS  |  2013-10-24
SOS Calls for patriotic Americans to follow Hillary Clinton everywhere with ‘Justice for Benghazi’ signs and relentlessly call her out until she comes clean about Benghazi. Read More...

Open Letter to CNN

SOS  |  by SOS  |  2013-10-14
The Million Vet March on the World War II Memorial was among the largest, most compelling, inspiring and inventive acts of civil disobedience in American history…and you knew it and blew it. Read More...

2 Million Bikers Set to Roar Back to Washington D.C.

SOS  |  by Special Operation Speaks  |  2013-10-09
2 Million Bikers to DC, an organization of Constitution-loving Americans dedicated to defending American values, urges our followers to join in the 1 Million Vets March. The March, to begin Sunday at 9 a.m. at the World War II Memorial, was organized in protest of to the Obama administration’s decision to close the memorial and bar entry to World War II vets who had traveled here – probably for the last time in their lives – on Honor Flight visits. Read More...

Special Operations Speaks Releases Benghazi Select Committee Whip List; Targets Rep. Frank Wolf

SOS  |  by SOS  |  2013-09-17
SOS Calls for EVERY member of Congress that Signed House Res. 36 to Sign the Stockman Discharge Petition (House Res. 306)  Read More...

Watch LIVE: Citizens' Commission on Benghazi

Accuracy in Media  |  by  |  2013-09-16
The nationwide press watchdog group Accuracy in Media (AIM), along with some of the country’s top retired military officers, intelligence agents and national security experts, have launched a new project aimed at resolving unanswered questions about last year’s attack on the American Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi. Read More...

Special Operations Speaks Urge Activists to ‘Paparazzi’ Members of Congress

Special Operations Speaks  |  by #  |  2013-08-15
Today, Special Operations Speaks issued a challenge to the American public. They ask that patriotic men and women who care about the 9-11-12 tragedy in Benghazi, Libya, to ‘paparazzi’ their members of congress in their town hall meetings and at their local district offices. Read More...

SOS Set to Place Hard-hitting Multiple Billboards in Boehner Congressional District Demanding House Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi Massacre

SOS  |  by Dick Brauer, Air Commando Colonel, USAF (Ret.)  |  2013-08-07
Special Operations Speaks (SOS) today announced that it is set to run full-size billboards throughout the congressional district of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) demanding the immediate establishment of a House select investigative committee to determine what occurred in Washington and Libya before, during, and after the September 11, 2012, Benghazi massacre. The billboards, contracted with CBS Outdoor, will feature pictures of Boehner, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and Senate Minority Leader Mitch O’Connell (R-KY) with a caption beneath reading, “If four members of CONGRESS were killed in Benghazi, would we have a Watergate style select committee today?” The billboards will also urge voters to call their Members of Congress and Boehner’s office to demand the appointment of a select committee. Read More...

Rep. Ann Wagner: Benghazi Stand Down Order Came From Obama  |  by Tim Brown  |  2013-07-28
Loesch asked Wagner, “Because you have been an ambassador, you have been overseas with similar responsibilities and similar missions – who gives such an order to stand down? Where does that come from?” Read More...