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Sociology is Not a Combat Multiplier

If you recall the days when hero-types similar to John Wayne roamed our imaginations and showed us on the silver screen what a true hero would look like...

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The Great Diversion

- - Monday, December 18, 2017

On Nov. 8, 2016, we had a political revolution in America. Donald J. Trump , overcoming all obstacles, was elected the 45th president of the United States. Not only was Hillary Clinton in deep shock, but so was the entire Deep State, which includes the Republican establishment. Soon the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee ( DNC ) sprang into action with the false narrative of a Russia - Trump collusion in the 2016 presidential election as the reason Hillary lost. To date, there has been no information that supports any Trump - Russia collusion in the election process. However, there is much more involved than just trying to explain a lost election.

Clearly, with the

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Intel Report: Women's March on Washington

This week's SOS Intel Report covers a main participant in the 'Resistance', the Women's March on Washington. The Women's March on Washington was an event that turned into a movement.

Its first event was a march to protest President Trump in Washington, D.C., which took place January 21, 2017. Tens of thousands of people attended. Celebrities like Madonna , Scarlett Johansson , and Ashley Judd made appearances on the main stage. The speakers were all widely criticized for their expletive-laced tirades and threats towards President Trump.

Name: Women's March (WMW)
Website: https://www.womensmarch.com/
Social Media: Facebook , Twitter , Instagram


Without naming Trump, the Women's March on Washington mission statement begins with a continuation of the failed Clinton campaign/Democrat-style of demonizing of the incoming

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  • Your Membership Awaits!

    If you or someone you know has not already submitted their registration for their free membership in 2018, it's time to take action! Membership applications only take a moment and it's painless. Plus, you get tremendous information updates. It's worth it to you to take a moment and click above or simply click here: Be sure to share this information with every concerned veteran, friend and family member you know. Read More
  • 2018 Is Here. Are You Armed With The Facts?

    2018 Is Here. Are You Armed With The Facts?

    Whether it's labeled the 'Deep State', Resistance or specific groups like Antifa, Indivisible and the Women's March, the differences are few. Our nation is facing a subversive and dangerous threat to liberty on a regular basis. To add to the chaos, media outlets continue to protect, promote and endorse the radical groups and individuals behind these labels. What do some of these terms mean? What is the intent or purpose of these very vocal, militant factions we see multiplying and growing in our country? Deep State The Oxford dictionary definition of 'Deep State' reads: “(noun) a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government Read More
  • What's Behind the "Day of Rage"?

    Have you wondered about the methods that have been followed about the anti-Patriotic people in the United States? What is the Day of Rage? Are these benign? Read More
  • My Thoughts - Mike Simpson

    My Special Forces Brothers died in #Niger Here are my thoughts: pic.twitter.com/nj2PTwz5ex — Mike Simpson, M.D. (@DrMikeSimpson) October 20, 2017 Read More
  • Antifa (Perhaps it Means Anti-First Amendment)

    Special Operations Blog topic for the week … ANTIFA During ongoing research into ANTIFA, it has become clear that what we are witnessing today reaches back - directly - to the early 20th century battle lines drawn between communists and the subsequent emergence of the national socialist and fascist movements . Interestingly, and telling, ANTIFA does not, perhaps cannot, precisely define fascism. Today’s ANTIFA, using the broadest of terms, condemns ALL who dare disagree with their beliefs. This includes the far right AND liberals whom they see as too far to the right! Which is ironic and comes as a shock to the liberal left (remember Nancy Pelosi’s press conference on Dreamers) since both are in harmony on matters such as denouncing the far Read More
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Special Operations Speaks:  We’re back. We’re better than ever.

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Since the relaunch of the Special Operations Speaks updated website, we've encountered many positive reviews. Thank you for visiting and participating.

The fifty-meter targets … Bin Laden OPSEC breaches

Over the past five years, we’ve been an issues-oriented outfit, engaging the most immediate threats in a close-in battle to save America.  We focused first on the operational security (OPSEC) breaches by the campaign-driven Obama Administration following the Special Operations led Bin Laden raid.  Those breaches broadcast the identities of highly classified Special Operations units … by extension their families, as well … and many of the highly classified tactics, techniques and procedures used by them.  (America’s enemies smiled.)  

Our opening salvo counter-attacked with a petition to cease and desist, signed by two hundred Special Operations veterans, and read in U.S. House of Representatives.  This well-received video also stated our case.  

Benghazi: We energized a Congress

On 23 July 2013, at the steps of the U.S. Capitol, we presented a 4 x 60-foot petition signed by nearly a thousand Special Operations veterans, including Medal of Honor recipients and numerous retired generals and admirals, demanding Congress establish a Select Committee to investigate the Administration’s failed policies and decisions that ended up killing four American heroes, America’s forward defenders literally abandoned by their Government in the middle of their gunfight to survive.  Through your support and that of patriot Congressmen like Louie Gohmert, Allen West, Frank Wolfe and Steve Stockman, our efforts lit the fuse that helped establish the Select Committee led by Trey Gowdy, one whose findings resonated through the November 2017 Presidential election, and that reverberate anew on the national stage even today. 

One of our faithful supporters dubbed SOS, “the little PAC that could”.

The Mission Today

Our long-term remedy for America now hinges on the continued loyalty of Special Operations and all military veterans to their military oaths, the oaths they each swore with no expiration date …

Vets in the Fight® is intended to bring the timeless values of Duty, Honor, Country and great competence to the public square, from village, to state house to the White House.  The military veteran is the final institution in America with a common bond in service, alloyed in the crucible of combat.  It is an alloy that cannot be left dormant, if we are to survive as the United States of America, the one-off most successful experiment in modern civilization.

To achieve the collective Vets in the Fight mission, Special Operations and Military Service …

  • Vets must vote
  • Vets must serve in public office
  • Vets must hold our legislators, judges and executives in government (from village, to State House, to White House) accountable

Over the next months, these www.SpecialOpsSpeaks.com pages will bring you the good, the bad and the ugly of this pitched battle that Vets in the Fight must win for America to remain free.

Come, join us

Come with us as the Vets in the Fight mission continues …  Duty, Honor, Country …  

We promise we’ll engage some of those fifty-meter targets along the way, just to keep our combat skills sharp, too.

Through Your Generosity

It is important to note that we operate only through the generosity of your contributions.  Please donate what you can, when you can at the nearby Donate button.

Note:  The founders of Special Operations Speaks® never were, and are not now, paid for their work.

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